Make sure reviews are reviews again (minimum of 50 words instead of 50 characters)

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Idea: Make sure reviews are reviews again.
Current situation: Recently, IMDb has decided that a user review should at least have 50 characters. I feel it is impossible to write a review in - let's say - 60 or 70 characters. However, because IMDb allows this, a lot of useful, insightful observations like "I like this movie a lot, it's brilliant. I think it's the best film ever!" (73 characters) surface.
How to fix this situation: IMDb should decide that a user review should at least have 50 words instead of 50 characters. (obviously, another number of words or characters could also be chosen, but the current number stated is just plain silly and doesn't show much respect for the real review writers, or the customers of the site for that matter)
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Posted 2 years ago

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Sometimes I had to think hard before I could meet the old ten-line minimum, but I think it made sense.  A comment is not a review.
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I don't know what the exact minimum limit of words or characters should be, but I agree with Marco that 50 characters is definitely too short to be considered a useful or worthwhile review.

Nobody is required to submit reviews to IMDb. If they can't think of 50 words to write, they don't have to submit a review.

Furthermore, I was under the impression that the 50-character limit was introduced, in part, to cater to people who prefer to use their smartphones for everything and don't use desktop computers if they can avoid it. But if someone prefers using their smartphone for writing, they ought to be willing to type an additional number of words using their smartphone. 
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I agree. 50 characters makes a mockery of the whole reviewing system. Mind you, IMDb seem to have made a mess of things when it comes to reviews, making it impossible to filter them. They say they'll sort it out, but we'll see...
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I think it should go back to the 10 line minimum, it's better for everyone like that.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Ceci n'est pas une Review....

Here's a review I just found on IMDb, I guess it meets the new requirements... but seriously, how on Earth can be this considered a review? (with all due respect to the user who posted it)

Thanks for this movie because I love this movie and I like to show them
That's it. That's not even a comment. The craziest thing is that the user put a 'Warning Spoilers' and got 5 points of hopefulness.

To get it straight, it's not about this review in particular but I suppose there are now at least hundreds of "reviews" that look like this one. As a matter of fact, anyone can just take one sentence and copy-paste it in every possible film and become a prolific reviewer.

That's the problem if you want to make reviewing possible from mobile phones, you'll get this kind of reviews more often than the constructive albeit short ones.
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Thanks for this example Sdk. I'm afraid you're right, there are hundreds and probably thousands of these junk texts posing as user reviews out there.