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I don't know if this is currently a problem with other person pages but I noticed this potential glitch when I added a credit for actress Lydia Mackay

When I added a movie credit from her actual page (link above) I received the following:

This credit has warnings, you must acknowledge each one before this credit will be accepted.
The name 'Mackay, Lydia' is not currently in the database. 
We have these people with similar names :

Mackay, Lydia (Actress, Samâ uôzu)

This type of warning isn't uncommon if there are multiple people with the same name (and then roman numerals are included) or Alternate Names but this specific situation is confusing.

Clearly she has a page in the database since I was able to visit that link and had the option to add a credit by that method.

I'm also confused why the system would give me the option of Mackay, Lydia (Actress, Samâ uôzu) and other unrelated but similar sounding names

If I try to add a TV credit via the TV episode guide I specifically type

Mackay, Lydia

with the last name first and have no spelling errors, and get a similar message that she is not currently in the database but I can select the exact same name I just typed... Having (Actress, Samâ uôzu) would be helpful for identification purposes if there was a another actress with the same name but there isn't.

For whatever reason the system claims she's not currently in the database (she is and has been for years) and insists on having the Mackay, Lydia (Actress, Samâ uôzu) option selected before proceeding when there are no other women who share the exact same name.

As far as I know if a person has a unique name in the database and is the only individual there's no extra verification step to confirm it's the correct person you're adding the credit for.

I know this isn't a major glitch and a few extra seconds isn't the end of the world but I haven't encountered this with any other actor or actress pages and wanted to know if this particular page had a unique situation.

I did a preview test and I get a similar situation when I tried adding an Award event as part of a cast ensemble. Even though I clicked 'Save for later' my Update History shows that saved submission as 1 Win / Nomination cancelled.

Click on the Reference number and I get this message

This Win / Nomination has been rejected. You need to correct this Win / Nomination before it will be accepted.
The name 'Mackay, Lydia' is not currently in the database.
We have these people with similar names :-
Mackay, Lydia (Actress, Samâ uôzu)

Nobody's perfect but I consider myself a careful speller so I copy/pasted the imdb page name if for some reason that might solve the issue

Mackay, Lydia

still gets these warnings that she's not in the database even though she is...

To Editors:

You could try adding a random credit (don't have to actually send it) to see if you get the same problems
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Posted 2 years ago

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According to an IMDb search, there are at least two Lydia Mackay name pages stored on the website.

When I made an attempt to submit her name to an award or a cast list, I receive a similar rejection message. However, the information was posted this way:
The name 'Lydia Mackay' is not currently in the database.
We have these people with similar names :-
Mackay, Lydia (III)
 (Actress, Samâ uôzu)
aka Lydia Marie Mackay
aka Lydia Mackey
The link you posted has a Roman numeral to the right of the name (III). This just indicates that there are at least 3 name pages on IMDb with the same name of Lydia Mackay. You needed to either type the name and include the roman numeral this way:

Mackay, Lydia (III)

Or, if you submitted the name without any Roman numeral, click the radio button to the left of the name Mackay, Lydia (III).

I hope this helps. Please write back if you have anymore questions.

IMDb Help Center
What do the roman numerals, like (I) and (II), after people's names mean?
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Thanks for the reply.

Mackay, Lydia (II) seems to be a recent addition that wasn't there before since as I'm writing this there no credits are on that page

Guess it was unfortunate timing that when I tried adding a credit Mackay, Lydia was in the process of being converted to Mackay, Lydia (III)

Still a bit weird why she isn't at least Mackay, Lydia (I)

There doesn't appear to be any page at the moment with (I) and while it doesn't make a huge difference seems odd that the newer (II) page would bump the older page to (III) instead of vice versa.

I appreciate you informing me that there is now another actress with the same name in the database.

It's possible that it's actually the same person and somebody accidentally created a duplicate; if that is indeed the case they can always be merged in the future once (II) is confirmed to be the same person as (III)

Or if it is a completely different person I'll just make a mental note to include (III) going forward if I add any new credits for that person's page.
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Hi Jackson -

Please note that if there is no listing on the site under "Lydia Mackay (I)", this means that we once had a page listing under this name that has since been removed; when a name is removed we will hold that listing for a period of time before a new page can be created in it's place.

Concerning the display in the Update form, I was unable to replicate the issue you reported as the name is appearing in the suggestions:

If you are adding credits and are still seeing the Warning "The name 'Lydia Mackay' is not currently in the database.", let us know and our staff will take another look. Cheers!