Ratings: Allow season rating for TV series

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Currently you can rate just a TV series as a whole or each episode of the series.
I find none of those particularly suited, when considering the diversity in style which comes from one season to another. Take for example True detective, which has now started it's second season, which has nothing to do with the first one that the public appreciated and loved. The current rating system forces you to give the series one rating even though there are really two different movie projects. 
The episode voting is not much helpful either, as people don't remember what each episode brought to the series, unless you vote a rating right after you've seen one, which i doubt that many of us do.

To put it in a nutshell, the current rating system for TV series works something like if you'd have to give The Godfather part I,II and III just a single rating. You just can't!
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This is very unlikely to happen.

Currently there is no actual 'Season' entity on IMDb; it is only there as part of the Episode number.  (In the same way there is no 'Last Name' entity; it has to be extracted from the Name entity.)

In order to implement this, IMDb would have to create a file to contain the Seasons, complete with the code to automatically maintain it. Then they would have to code the ability to store User Ratings, and figure out where to place the input and display of the ratings. This is a lot of work for a relatively minor return.

I could see them creating a page to display a consolidation of the Episode ratings, as this does not involve changing the underlying data, but they have stated that they are not planning on even this at the moment.

See the thread Rate TV Shows By Season  for a previous discussion of this, including an official reply from IMDb
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(Note:  This reply replaces an earlier erroneous reply that I've deleted.)

David wrote:
See the thread Rate TV Shows By Season  for a previous discussion of this, including an official reply from IMDb
Actually, IMDb rep Giancarlo posted two replies in that thread.
Note in particular the second one:
We don't have a way to rate seasons or derive a rating for seasons -- the problem here is that 'season' is an aggregate concept, but we have no single identifier that defines a 'season' as a single entity, so there's no easy way to allow actions such as rating to be performed on a season.
That appears consistent with what David wrote above
("Currently there is no actual 'Season' entity on IMDb ....").
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I think that TV series have to be voted also by seasons, because some series have different seasons. For example: American Horror Story, True Detective. etc.

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