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Hi all,

Thank you for your patience during the recent closure of title FAQs, Parents Guides and Plot Synopsis sections and apologies for any inconvenience caused during this time. The good news is that regular contributors to those sections can now edit them again.

If you do not yet have editing abilities please bear with us - we are actively exploring options to turn this functionality back on for a wider set of contributors. In the short term, if you find inaccurate or inappropriate content in these sections and you cannot fix them yourself, please let us know by posting a message here containing a link to that page.

Kind regards,
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Posted 4 years ago

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I would like to replace the preliminary parent guide with a detailed summary. I would like to request my account ( being enabled for editing parental guides.
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Kaitie James

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Hello there!

  I would like to suggest an addition/change to the parents guide for "A Promise" (starring Rebecca Hall, Alan Rickman, and Richard Madden) in the Sex/nudity category. (Not sure where to post this since the other boards have been closed.) The sex scene described in the movie is not accurate in the description as there is easily enough to be shocking if someone is not expecting the scene with younger viewers. My suggestion:

"There is a sex scene where a woman begins rubbing a man's torso and the camera angle moves down to her clearly moving to grope his groin, afterward they begin having sex, and the camera does a small close up of the man groping the woman's breast vigorously and kissing it. There is a lot of groaning and sexual noises with thrusting movements, but no nudity is shown throughout. Could be a little too much for younger viewers."

Thanks! :)

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Stephen Campbell

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I was directed to this topic by a member of IMDb staff. I'd like to request access to be able to edit FAQs please. To be honest, I'm not sure why I wasn't granted access from the get-go, as I know at least two people with considerably less experience than me who have been selected as "experienced" editors. I've been on IMDb over 15 years, contributed to virtually every aspect of the site, and have written the FAQs for such high profile films as The Shining, Blade Runner, Fight Club, Natural Born Killers and American Psycho. But enough about me, tell me about, sorry, got carried away there.

Anyway, here's a link to my IMDb user profile:

Thanks, Stephen

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AaGess Hoo

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can you please get my access back to edit parental guide content? I always try to update info as I'm watching films and the one I have today is completely blank - which would be "Hello My Name is Doris" located at:  rated for just having language but there is some sexual innuendos that need updated on the parent advisory! Thank you! :)

Link to my IMDB user profile is:   Thank you!
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Editing the synopsis I previously wrote.

I would like to have permition to edit this synopsis:
I have written it, but now I noticed there are some typos and would like to correct them.
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Gordon MacDonald

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I've been working on the Parents Guide for Chasing Red but i cannot upload it, i guess due to the problems you describe above.

Could you please grant me permission to edit?

chasing red:

Best regards,
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Three weeks after posting in this thread as requested, to regain access, nothing has changed.  Still no access.  The instructions were followed, now what?
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Fallout 4 Parents Guide Revisal Request.

In The Fallout 4 Parents Guide Under The Category "Sex and Nudity" It says there is prostitution. I have played this game in and out for 300+ Hours. There is no prostitution whatsoever. Also According To The Fallout Wiki, Prostitution is only in Fallout, FO2,FO3,FONV.
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Official Response
Hi all,

Thank you to everyone who has posted their requests for Edit access here, and for your patience whilst we worked through the backlog.

I am pleased to confirmed that we have processed all of the requests on this thread and all of you should now have had your editing capabilities restored.

If you find that your access hasn't been restored then it may be that we did not have enough information to process the request. If this is the case then please do complete the following helpdesk form and we will investigate further.

From here on we will be closing this thread and processing the requests as they come in via this  form.

Many thanks again


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