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I'm in a non-English speaking country, yet I want movie titles to be displayed in English. I noticed that when I went to the page of "The Philadelphia Story" (, the title was displayed as "De bronzen godin" which is in Dutch. This is a recent phenomenon. I went to site preferences to see why this is the case, and what did I find?

Title display country: United States
Title display language: English

So everything looks OK even though some movie titles are NOT displayed in English.

Could you please fix this?

Thank you in advance.
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Posted 6 years ago

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This issue was discussed in various forms in this thread:

You may want to read Giancarlo's highlighted reply, which suggests you may want to use the Original setting.

However, I agree with you that there seems to be a problem that has not been properly acknowledged.

The "combined" view with the old design does not seem to have the same problem, even though this page usually also uses localization (geocoding):
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Thank you for the link. Setting title display country to original does the trick for English titles, but not for non-English ones. I know "A Separation" as "A Separation" and not as "Jodaeiye Nader az Simin". Also, using the "combined" view does not solve the problem because the "wrong" titles show up in the search feature but not on the actual page.
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On mobile app works good ...but the translations on IMDB are wrong and illogical ...but have to use with that !!!
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Are you sure they are "wrong?" IMDb (or anyone else, for that matter), doesn't actually "translate" them. They should have been submitted as the title was released for that country. So, it's not like someone transfers the English word to the other languages, it's (same as original or English version) the title, as it appears on the box, or screen, etc. In many cases, it's not the actual words translated, but simply a different title as the original might be confusing or not pertinent to the film if a straight translation.
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This seems to be a new version of an old problem:
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Why on earth do you consider it appropriate to list some film titles in Greek? I see you are being chided for doing the same with Dutch and probably other languages.

If you must list a title in Greek please add the title in English next to it in order to make it more comprehensible to noodles like me!!!
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see above
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What's the point of having site preferences if they aren't used???

I really don't want the titles in my local language, and it is extremly irritating to have them that way.

I choosed in the site preferences to have them displayed in English, why is it not working and what are you waiting for to fix the problem, that we're really fed up and that we go on another site ?!!!
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Fix this! I have my site prefences set to English and United States because the country I'm from has the dumbest translations for movie titles and I've grown accustomed to the English film titles to begin with. Despite my settings I still get the film titles in my native language, remove this auto-detection of where your users are coming to the site because it just messes everything up.
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I am pretty annoyed about this problem as well. The settings just don't work. It shouldn't matter that I am living in Lithuania, if I choose my titles to be always displayed in English, they should be displayed in English! It must be some bug, please fix it.
Some examples are:
Changing the title setting does make a difference, but not for 100% of the titles. 
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Also, doesn't work anymore. I see Swedish titles of all movies and I have to log in to IMDB to see the titles in their real names. This is a pain in the a** every single time I have a fresh started computer or on somebody elses computer to log in and log out all the time for such a simple task as to find information about a movie.

I really hate this "feature", that IMDB automatically is showing the native language of movie titles. It's useless and stupid and I cant think of anyone who would benefit from it, It would be better to add a button on top of the site "Show titles in your language" and have the release-name as a default setting.
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I really hate that too :(

What I can't understand is why they do that when the entire content of IMDB is in English, so what's the point ???
I suspect it is because of Amazon, but having the titles translated in my language won't make buy movies on their site, on the contrary.

Also if I go on IMDB it's because I want information in ENGLISH. I NEVER watch dubbed movies and as a result I don't know (and don't care) the translated titles. If I wanted information in my language I would go on movies sites in my native language, I certainly wouldn't go on IMDB.

It's even worse with the Android app as all the titles are displayed in my language (no setting to change that), which makes that app a useless piece of crap (execept in the US or the UK, where the app must be usable there).
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To everybody with this problem. Just add X-FORWARDED-FOR with U.S. IP address to your HTTP headers. Here are some simple instructions:
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IMDB should fix there ignorance, you shouldn't have to edit HTTP headers in your browser to have a site functioning properly.
I guess no one in IMDB have been abroad, then they whould get their heads out of their asses and realise that this IS a problem.
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Post not relevant to thread

Please reference the new conversation here: User Dislikes IMDb
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This is still happening many years later. I'm living in Germany for a while and half of the movie titles are in German, despite my preferences being set to show the original title language.
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I get all the titles in Spanish, because that's where I live. I speak Spanish and several other languages, but want to see the film's name in its original language. I would be happy to have the English and Spanish names provided as well, but as others have mentioned, there should be an an easy way to do this in a REFERENCE site such as this. 
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so annoying, for the first time, a few titles in my all time favorites' list ( have started to display in lousy Spanish.

I'm spaniard btw, but I only communicate in the Net in english.

Even worse: there seems to be not a logical solution to this easily spotted around, guess IMdB prefers to implement its geolocation algorithms
instead of defending Shakespeare's language.

What a silly crap. Change it, please.

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