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It's been some time now that we have the beloved IMDb poll back, and the new system has allowed for hundreds of creative polls suggested by IMDb users. However this variety is not visible to a casual user, because the IMDb frontpage does not feature them.

Having a poll on the front page it's great to attract a casual voter, however I think the current system to choose the lucky one that gets more visibility is wrong, this is because out of the hundreds of available polls, only a group of around ten polls is shown on the frontpage. This few lucky polls have all over 20,000 votes while the biggest pack of new and old polls struggle to get around 1,000 votes.

The front page space is obviously quite benefical for polls, and this could be a great attraction to the site as they used to be with the old Daily Poll, however there should be a way to feature a wide variety of polls, and to give all the published questions a chance to shine in the front page.

Not only will this increase the number of votes in every poll, but it would also generate a bigger participation, since a casual visitor that finds the same handful of polls day afyer day on the front page is bound to loss interest.

My proposal is to generate a new system to feature polls in the front page, for starters every new poll in a given day should have sometime to appear on the front page, and also the older polls with fewer votes should be featured from time to time, instead of the same polls that already have over 20,000 votes

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It should at least change on a daily basis, and feature one that was released the same day or day before. The easiest way to do it is to make the front page poll be the same as the Featured Poll on the page. Older polls become available when you enter a poll, where you can see "similar poll", or from the links on a movie's title page. There really shouldn't be any old poll featured on the front page, unless there's a special reason for it, like re-featuring a good Declaration of Independence poll on the 4th of July or a good Thanksgiving poll on that day. Otherwise, the front page really should be used to spotlight new polls.

The way it currently is, the front page gives an impression of the IMDb poll being a slow, unchanging entity that doesn't warrant further investigation, because only a number of polls are featured there on a rotating basis. If you want people to check in more often, the front page should give an impression of how it actually is; several polls added every day.
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I suggested the older polls to be featured, to give a chance in the spotlight to the hundreds that have been unnoticed. But eventually you're right, and only the new ones or very timely polls should be on the front page. Anyway, today we have once again the same 10 polls.

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