IMDB user comments and not just FB commentators on lists?

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why has the comment section for lists changed from the old way of IMDB users to using FB now? can they at least be mixed together to get comments from both websites?
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Posted 7 years ago

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We asked at the time but got no reply and IMDB rarely go back on such changes (at least in the short or medium term). So I assume this won't happen and we've got to work with the system we currently have in place. Because of this I've suggested we ask IMDB to contact FB about adding their login to the allowed logins:
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There is only one acceptable solution: people must be allowed to do ALL they can do in IMDb, just by using their IMDb account.
Nothing more, nothing less.
There is NO reason for anything different than this! The only other reason is called Privacy Mafia.
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Just attempted to place a comment on another users IMDB listing and came across this caveat.   Out of principle I do not have a FB account, preferrring to participate online out of choice.  In this instance it means I effectively cannot contirubute to the community due to this caveat.    As mentioned above, this in effect is forcing people to have Facebook accounts - and whilst I understand and appreciate that by "routing" this via FB it offests the additional administration overhead from IMDB, it is fundamentally limiting choice - an option that is increasingly used nowadays, forcing the end users to undertake additional tasks to interact with these mediums.

Very Big Brother-ish. Will certainly limit my interaction with IMDB.
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For me, the comments section has totally vanished. And I am the same as you, do not have a FB account & certainly not opening one just for this.
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I see there are at least a couple of conversation threads which started a few years ago about this issue. I just wanted to add my voice in support of allowing non-facebook members to post comments and join conversations on lists, as used to be the case. I respect the right of IMDB management to run this site how they like, but I do think IMDB loses the richness and diversity of ideas if it restricts itself to one communication mode that many IMDB users, for whatever reason, do not adhere to and may have justifiable concerns about. I would like to better understand the rationale for this restriction and would be grateful if IMDB staff could provide us with a better explanation. Finally, I suggest that you consider at least for a trial period allowing IMDB members to post comments using their IMDB accounts and see how it works out. Thank you for considering my request.      
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Blame the trolls like you and me that used to hang out on the IMDb message boards for the fact that now, only Facebook users can comment on IMDb news articles. I am glad that the IMDb boards are over and done because of the general state of human debris that clogged the boards. I am glad because of the temptations of Eve that arise in "anonymity." However, I posted many constructive things over ten years and I am sorry to see THAT opportunity go with the shutting down of the boards, but at least in terms of pure contribution of facts, the updates/contributions still exist. At least everyone can agree that Facebook being a major gatekeeper of the speech allowed in the arena of ideas in the world is objectively and factually something for the benefit of whirled peas.

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