IMDB's top 250 films demographic. A dissertation on how age affects top movie lists.

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Dear Sir or Madam.

For my university dissertation I am attempting to look at the effect of age on the Film Canon.

My dissertation will look into the affect of age on the choice of greatest films. When comparing your list with lists such as Rotten Tomatos greatest films and Sight and Sounds Greatest Movies of all Time, there is a big difference in what is considered the best film.

With most things, this type of list is largely subjective, but I am trying to ascertain as to whether age may be a factor.

I am contacting you today as I am trying to see if it would be possible to gain insight into the demographic of people that have voted for your top list.

I am not looking for names; for obvious data protection laws, but merely just the ages of those that voted and what they voted for. This information would allow me to show how age may be a factor in the deciding of a greatest film ever made.

Any help that you may be able to give me would be greatly appreciated. I realise this is a heavy request to ask, but hope that it may be possible.

In its simplest form if you could give me a tally of the ages that voted that would also be just as helpful.

I thank you for your time, and look forward to hearing from you.

As with many things in life, my dissertation has a deadline and if this isn't possible any response either way would be appreciated as I can still use it as evidence in my dissertation. Thank you
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Hi Lewis Logan,

I recommend that you contact IMDb's Licensing department.
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I've investigated the effect age and gender demographics on film preferences. Anecdotally, people tend to favor films they viewed during the ages of 14 to 30.

The voting demographics for each film is available. For instance, the user ratings for Interstellar (2014) is on this page:

Note: The following is a screen capture that I made a few weeks ago.

You can get to the ratings page for any title by expanding "Quick Links" and clicking on User Ratings.

I compiled the ratings for the IMDb Top 250 two years ago.

This is a summary of the correlations:

If you send me a PM, I can provide more details.