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I am pleased to announce the availability of a new boards update.

This newly-launched version of the boards features a number of visual and functional changes, including incorporation of our new avatars.

This change is (currently) only on the website -- mobile apps and the mobile-optimized version of the site ( are not affected.

Although this change will be eventually be permanent, it is currently offered as an opt-in/opt-out for a brief period while we are testing it and evaluate performance and your feedback.

What's new from a visual standpoint:

  • Incorporation of avatars on all views and posts
  • Visual style has been updated to match the main site
  • Switch between view styles (nest, flat, etc) on client (fast!) rather than the server
  • Original poster is highlighted in posts
  • IMDb staff are highlighted in posts.
  • More information in the header of the post.

To improve performance we removed some little-used features:

  • Themes (user selectable color backgrounds)
  • Publicly facing "website" and "email" fields

To opt-in and test the new boards, please look for the announcement at the top of page in any of the boards and click on 'Try it Now' (see image below). During this testing phase you'll be able to return to the old board style if you click on 'Switch Back'.

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Posted 6 years ago

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Glitch in message attribution on first display

When message is posted, the ID of the person to which I respond is displayed instead of my ID. The final post looks fine.

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I've been an IMDb member for four years, and I must be honest I'am very disappointed that administrators are over looking cyber bullying. There's a poster on Michael Fassbender's message board that is literally harassing posters on there. Although the vast majority of them have this poster on Ignore but he or she is still trolling them by looking at their history page. This poster has even threatened to have everybody blocked on the message board and they've also have other posters post up disgusting comments about the actor but they really trying to bait the others.
As a member I'm sadden that no one is observing this behavior. Enough is enough I fully agree the poster has freedom of speech but when they are being condescending with their comments trying to get a raise out of the others , it makes me frustrated. This must stop. Could you please help?
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The best thing to do with internet trolls is ignore them. Report abuse, when you see it, then place the user on your ignore list. There are boards for every film/show (over 2 1/2 million) and one for every person listed (almost 5 1/2 million) in addition to the main boards. Most active boards probably have a troll or two. The site can't be expected to be moderating 8 million boards and millions of users. They employ a "report abuse" system that is part automated and part moderated and only investigate abuse when it's been reported correctly. Once you've put the user on your ignore list, the behavior is (as far as you know) been stopped. As reports of abuse from different users add up, the trolls see deleted posts, deleted post history, raised post quota (which limits how often they can post), the a disabled account. So, let the system do it's thing and in the mean time, don't bother yourself about what some random message board user does to entertain his/herself.

Since this discussion doesn't involve the recent changes to the boards, we're a bit off topic and should not continue discussing this here.
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I'm sure there was a thread on that recently too. Can't find it now though.
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Is this a bug or is this intentional?
Owner: ur0322329 Poster: ur0127678

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Poster makes sense since it's you. Owner? Who's cartman_1337?
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I'm cartman_1337. If this is the issue I think it is, it is a continuation of a bug where when you posted a comment the post confirmation page made it look like your post was posted by the user you were replying to. That seems to be fixed now, since the post by dan_dassow bears dan_dassow's name on the post. If you check the picture he posted it says "Owner: ur19420331", which is LI-Mom, and the post in question was posted in reply to a message by LI-Mom. In other words, the Owner ID will be shown as the user ID of the user you're replying to, and the Poster ID should be your own.

So the Owner: ur322329 in the message text must have been taken from a different post, which was in reply to a message by me. Seems to be working as intended.

Muzzle made a short statement about the original bug here: And it is indeed better now than it was. You can check my post a little above his for a picture of how it was before.
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Thank you for taking the time and effort to help track down the bug.
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It was mean to bump this up :( You gave me false expectations :(

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