International English AKAs not showing on main title pages anymore

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International English AKAs are not showing on main title pages anymore, for the past few days at least. Only titles that have specific country AKAs show now, while many titles that only have the "International English title" attribute are now displaying only the original foreign title. Specific country AKAs have always correctly overridden international AKAs, but many, many titles only have the "international" attribute, which should show when there is nothing more specific.

Here are a few examples of Top 250 titles that this applies to:
A Separation:
Pan's Labyrinth:
A Fistful of Dollars:
Ip Man:

In lists and subpages, the international English titles still show - just not on the main title pages.

Please fix this bug.
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I was surprised I still received answers from this thread but not surprised that the problem with IMDB  was not fixed.  You will see from the start of the thread that it has been over a year that IMDB titles can appear in the language of your location, and even then IMDB were aware of the problem.  In fact IMDB support asked for specific examples of titles where it was an issue, which were provided, but 12 months later nothing is fixed, and it is unlikely more posts here will change that.  Some sites, like IMDB just prefer to force the language of location on their content, possibly something to do with advertising.  

If it is a problem that bothers you, then I can recommend Rotten Tomatoes as an alternative site, which I have been using for 12 months now and am very happy with.
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I think they just don't understand why we want English titles so bad. Here is why, the translating and dubbing "industry" in our (and probably in many other) country is small and handed to the lowest bidder. They often come up with so ridiculous localized titles you can't even recognize or vaguely associate it with the original. See a list of movie titles someone appeared in on imdb and it is full of rubbish some idiot thought of while eating his sandwich. How am I supposed to know which is which?
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  • 2 Reply Likes still not working. I see swedish titles of all movies and I have to log in to IMDB to see the titles in their real names. This is a pain in the a** every single time I have a fresh started computer or on somebody elses computer to log in and log out all the time for such a simple task as to find information about a movie.

I really hate this "feature", that IMDB automatically is showing the native language of movie titles. It's useless and stupid and I cant think of anyone who would benefit from it, It would be better to add a button on top of the site "Show titles in your language" and have the release-name as a default.
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To everybody with this problem. Just add X-FORWARDED-FOR with U.S. IP address to your HTTP headers. Here are some simple instructions:
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Everything is set in English for me. However, i went to Europe for 3 weeks and, since i went to Budapest, all titles are in Hungarian without me doing anything. I came back home in Canada and still, i see hungarian title even though i went to the preferences nd set it in english...can somebody tell me how to get rid of this and come back to english? Really annoying!

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