INTRODUCING: New navigation on the IMDb website!

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We're excited to announce that on November 22, 2019, IMDb launched a new navigation experience across the mobile and desktop website. These changes provide an improved navigation experience to help you find something new to watch every day.

Select "Menu" to find the parts of the site you know and love, like top-rated movies, celebrity news, and IMDb Originals. There is also easy access to IMDb TV (where available), your Watchlist, your Activity page and account settings.

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Posted 9 months ago

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Dear imdb-Team,

a month ago I wrote a reply to this post regarding the "missing" Top News section.

Today I logged on the desktop and there it was! 

Thank you very, very much! Not only for reacting, but also listening in the first place :)
Thank you and have great week!

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I hate the new look and the big photos and everything else about it, theres only two reasons this new look was created and it comes down to money or someone needs to justify their job. Its not a user friendly experience at all, why companies change things when it isnt necessary is beyond me. I took one look at the sight when it was changed and have checked in occasionally to see if they had the sense to change it back and they haven't so I leave straight away. Its a shame that they meddled with it without checking with the viewers first. Theres a new website getting underway to compete with this one it will take them a while but like all things in this world, a company can be at the top one minute and fall the next. Amazons arrogance to their viewers will prove this to be correct. I have only written two posts on IMDB and this is the second one,I dont even use this site anymore and rarely visit it whereas before I would visit it several times a day, I will definitely go to the new one when its operational, until then I just go to a few others or miss out but its better looking through this one.