Is there a cost to upload my picture? I already have several credits.

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Just wanting to know if there is a cost top upload pic?
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Posted 6 years ago

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To upload pictures you'll need an IMDB Pro subscription:‎
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I believe Emperor intended to write: You will need an IMDbPro subscription.
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Just to follow-up on the cost of an IMDbPro Subscription, which as Emperor and Dan correctly pointed out, is required in order to upload your photos to the site, we currently offer two different subscription rates:

Monthly $15.95/month
Annual $124.95/year

(Note: a VAT charge is added to European Union residents)

To sign up for a free two-week trial to test it out, you can do so here:
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Because it is a legitimate business. You don't have to participate. If you think it is a racket, don't join. No burning down your house.
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It's a racket. Pay the subscription forever, or we take down the photos. How is that different from the mafia in New Jersey saying "pay us protection or we burn down your restaurant?"


A difference (there are many to choose from), is IMDb has never, ever threatened you nor anyone else with violence, as you describe, in any way shape or form.  

Also, in your comparison, the mob offers "protection" which is of no real value, and they come to your store "offering" this "service." IMDb does not do that.  IMDb has no idea who or where you are.  If you don't want the mobs "services," and tell them "no thanks," they attack you or your property.  IMDb offers the service, but you can safely walk away and not participate.  Then, on top of that, IMDb still displays your filmography, bio, trivia, a message board in your name, etc., for free, forever, even if you don't ask for it.  The mob won't "protect" any of your property for free at all.

Your example only serves to prove how incredibly ridiculous your point of view really can you not see that?

This, by the way, is the same in real life.  Daily, most people have to make that decision, "I want this, but it's cost it worth it?"  If not, we walk away.  If so, we go for it.

A close example I could give, I used to play tennis.  I was new and unknown and had not won any championships.  I needed to, while not getting paid, buy my own shoes, my own rackets, my own clothes.  I was forever meeting other players who were becoming more well known and they were receiving free shoes, free rackets, free clothes....all while they were starting to earn paychecks.  I had to stop and get a real job.  I never considered it unfair that I needed those things more and had no money and stomped my feet and cried "extortion!"  I simply walked away.

I knew I either had to promote myself at my own cost, or get real good quickly and let my skills and speak for myself and get quickly to the point where it puts me at the level where I don't need to worry about not being able to afford to be in the business.

Such is live, dude.  Don't know what to tell you.  Sometimes you don't get everything you feel you're entitled to...
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Bluesmans story reminds me of my own issues starting out in pro wrestling. Paying for training? $4,000. paying for boots? $400. paying for custom outfit? $200.

Weekly cost of driving to practice, driving to shows to perform in and various other expenses? $300 in gas, food and advertising.

Daily pay for being in the ring and doing a performance? $100, twice a week

Result? A couple years of enjoying myself and paying my dues for the possibility of a career in entertainment followed by a serious injury and a lifetime of pain and suffering.

20 years later the only thing I have from that experience are the memories and the pain I suffer every day after having broken and torn dozens of bones and muscles. But what was the alternative? To not try?

You want to use IMDB to list your on-screen credits and a bio? That's already free and more advertising than I ever got for free back when I was trying to break into entertainment. You want them to show your headshots and a resume? Pay for it, like everyone else does.

It's one thing for someone to take the time and explain to you how IMDB works; but if you are going to be ignorant and start comparing them to the mafia, you will not find sympathy here.
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I disagree with all of you that support the notion of paying a ridiculous fee for a profile image is acceptable. Everyone on the internet allows for this and this just serves to belittle IMDb/Amazon's lack of compassion for the starving artists out here.
Just one initial image should be allowed for free. I can see charging to host a catalog of headshots and other images along with a professional resume(s)... but one image? C'mon... it's already too expensive to even be a creative much less make a couple dollars. Then someone like IMDb thinks it's okay to charge $16 a month to host an image when all the tv shows my music has been on doesn't even pay $16 a month in royalties!!!!!!
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Adding a photo to your page makes IMDB's website look more professional.  It is doing IMDB a service not the other way around.  Uploading photos should be free and to think they charge $20 a month is hilarious!  

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