It's pretty hard to have a poll when you only list one or two movies anyone can remember.

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It's pretty hard to have a poll when you only list one or two movies anyone can remember
by K W Rowland
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Worse when  someone has

Which polls have You voted on ?

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Sure polls could only be about the 100 most voted titles or so, and many fit that criterion. But after some time it would be quite repetitive and boring. And can we be sure that no one remembers some of the more obscure ones? Maybe everyone should should just vote on the polls where they rememer enough.
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Agree! And I learned, that some sentences like "If you don't know all or just a few of them, please vote for one you know and like of these below, or vote for the one you're most interested in" can make a poll more clickable for many people, if not for all. It increases the options for everyone.
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Instead of seeing this as a problem, why not make it an opportunity?

You have thousands of polls that cover from blockbusters to obscure little films, you can't vote in one of them, no worries, just check the list of films get inspired to watch them and come back some weeks or months later to vote. Is impossible to limit polls to only a handful of popular films, nor is it desirable,

The IMDb is a rich place full of all movie history, as a film lover what could be better than exploring it?

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I think, you're right. The only thing is, that makes the poll a little harder to click. I guess the most people want to read fast, decide fast, click fast. That's our new fast world. If a text is too long, it won't be read by many. So it's better to concentrate on the main question, so make the question in bold letters. Everyone knows then - ok, the poll is about that main question. I don't need to read any further. --> more votes! If you give the opportunity to vote, even if he/she doesn't know most of the picks, you got even more votes.

Real film lovers will concentrate on the poll and will read to understand it. That may cause lesser clicks, but maybe higher quality of the all-in-all result. ;)

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