LIVE POLL: Can History Spoil?

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[Recreating a new discussion thread for an existing (older generation poll).

Many people find spoilers to be crimes against cinemanity.  Giving away key plot points can ruin viewers first time experience of watching a given feature film or documentary. 

But can you really spoil a feature film or documentary based on the lives of historical persons and events?


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  • when was the last time someone cleaned out this biopic fridge? Something spoiled.

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The problem (even with some documentaries) is that circumstance how accurate those movies are. Take the feature drama "Amadeus". It's completely inaccurte in several issues. It paints a picture of how Mozart might have been. In an accurate setting with other historical persons. But history says some other things. An entertaining movie always dramatizes facts. If shown in clear reality, it might disenchant the persons and would look too sober. You get no prize without dramatizing. Same for the Michael Moore movies and some nutrition documentaries.