Live Poll: Marvel Female Versions of Male Superheroes

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Which female version of classic male superheros from Marvel should have top priority for her own movie?

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Posted 3 years ago

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'Very cool poll. I can't remember who I voted for last time so it will be fun to choose again. This is such a good idea. :)
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Why should Conan be from Marvel? Was there an cross-over i don't know?
Conan is from writer Robert E. Howard, who was not connected to Marvel. :)
And in this poll there are 2 different names for a female Thor. On what basis
does this happen ? :) In germany there are not all cross-overs, spin-offs and
multiverses available.
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Scroll down to  the section called "comics"

There can be more than one female version of a male superhero.   
Storm:  Lightning/Weather Manipulation 
Thor is called a god but, according to movie, Odin told Thor they are not gods,
Storm is called a goddess, but she's only a mutant.

I don't know if you read Marvel comic books, Storm picked up Thor's hammer
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When i was younger i did read many comics, but never have seen conan, etc.
As i said, germany is limited. When you want something special, it might cost a
little more, or is even not available. :)
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Not versions such as replacements that is just weak and sorta dumb.  Besides that means they are shadows.  Or have to work in shadow. You can have Female versions that work in the same universe but you can alienate people who really like the characters. Great example of done wrong is ghost busters.  More black widow more is great but not simple replacement characters or feminist them up to be blunt. 
They should be there own characters maybe work together or maybe not but just having a female peter parker eh.  But peter parker / spiderman and spidergirl/woman  or even in teh same universe is much better.  Can't we all just get along