Merging actor credits to link to correct actor

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I am trying to edit my title page. I have been informed by a cast member that he has two imdb profiles denoted by roman numerals II and IX. I am trying to edit the cast list and have provided this explanation as to the correct name to use but I have not been given a prompt to "submit" only a "check these updates" prompt that kicks me back to the edit page??? Any thoughts?
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Posted 7 years ago

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It sounds like something else hasn't been addressed. Are you just adding their credit or doing other things too? Unless someone can think up something clever, then it'd help if we could see a screenshot of the relevant section of the submission.

The cast member having two entries shouldn't be a problem, although it'd be an idea to merge them:
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If he has 2 separate pages, both of which contain only his credits (and other info) then the first thing you should do is to merge them.

This is done by submitting a name correction. You would start at the page with the (IX) and update that,

Name Correction is the first item on the main Update page.

You should enter the name of his other page in Lastname, Given Names (II) format. Enter an explanation indicating that both pages are for the same person, so you are merging them.

When you click Check these updates you will see a message indicating that this will cause a merge of the two pages. This is what you are trying to do, so just check the box beside Warnng understood. Go ahead anyway

Click Recheck these updates. The form should now be green, and the Submit these updates button available for you to click.

See Person X and person Y are the same, how can I combine their listings? for the official instructions.


As to your actual question, the Submit these changes will not show up until all the items you have updated have passed the automatic validity checks. When they do, the background of the item turns green, so unless the items you are working on have turned green you can't submit. Each item with problems should show some sort of message, indicating the problem.