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Dear IMDB editors, please don't disable Message Boards. Message Boards is one of the trademarks of IMDB. It's still functional and convenient. Please don't disable it. Thanks and regards.
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Vincent, Champion

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I think the bigger problem is that they attempted to have a forum for every move and every actor, this leads to having millions of forums.

They wouldn't need to recruit a thousand moderators, they would need to recruit a million or more.

That's an army of unpaid volunteers and than they need to hire administrators to monitor the moderators.... do you see where this is going?

IMDB was founded with one primary goal: cataloging movie and television credits. Everything else is secondary to that goal. The forums unfortunately were a good idea that has since grown out of hand and beyond the scope of their small company to handle.

In essence the smallest part of their site was taking the most manpower to babysit and keep functional

I believe that if IMDB were to even consider having another forum, the current ones will still need to be shut down and removed because they are built on a code base that is over 20 years old and they were scaled to too large a size, beyond what any rational human or company could manage.

Who could possibly moderate millions of forums? Even with volunteer help?

The best solution (I believe) would be to partner with a new website that handles the forums as a separate business; and that company should likely scale much smaller and focus on active forums. A few hundred forums properly categorized would suffice to foster discussion and be manageable, rather than millions of forums where most of them could not be moderated and many were barely even used.

That gives me an idea, maybe I should step up and make an IMDB replacement forum; since it does not appear that anyone else is doing so. I may have to look into that....
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Morgan Sage

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Oh gosh, please do that!  I'll be going through major withdrawal in the meantime.  There are so many films that are very nuanced, and other posters helped me get nuances I missed, information that helps understand the movie, etc.  I don't know how people even watched movies before imdb.
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Vincent wrote:
... That gives me an idea, maybe I should step up and make an IMDB replacement forum; since it does not appear that anyone else is doing so. I may have to look into that....
There are apparently a variety of small projects cropping up.  I have not looked into most of them (and I would want to be very cautious if I were).

For the time being, I and a few others have been tentatively visiting a site that has a database (albeit not a patch on IMDb's far-superior data)  and that has recently reopened its boards for all of its title and name pages.
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Morgan Sage

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Please give us the name of that site. 

I just heard of imdb 2.  I visited, there isn't much, but it could develop fast if imdb shuts down.

Gosh I hope they change their minds though.  Maybe an overhaul, but a shutdown?

I wonder if Amazon regrets taking it on, and wants to kill it altogether? 
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Jim McCoy

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Losing the IMDb message boards is VERY sad.  I use them all the time... if I'm not posting or replying, I'm reading what other say about that particular movie.  Other movie message boards like TCM's aren't specifically targeted to one movie or personality.  There IS no substitute.  :-(

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I use the message boards ALL. THE. TIME. To discuss plot holes or twists, find answers to a question, or just learn more about the movie/person in general. I'm seriously saddened that IMDB is getting rid of their boards. The easiest solution would be not to monitor the boards, but to post a disclaimer or something that states they are not liable for anything on the boards. Yes? No? Am I simplifying it too much??
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Cathy J.

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Please don't do away with the message boards.  They have been invaluable source to me when the discussions can explain a plot point to me that I missed or didn't understand.  This has been especially valuable for some of the not so main stream movies.  The message boards will be missed by many of your subscribers and with this gone I will re-think a paid membership with you as will others. I won't have the need to use your site as much.  I know it is part of the free experience but this always was a package deal with IMDB and my joining would be a way of saying thank you for great information I get from this site  which included the message boards.  I don't know how you got to this conclusion but why didn't you put it to the IMDB community before making this decision? 
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Skye Hill

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I second Cathy J.'s post. There is no equivalent site out there where it is so easy to find the thread that I am looking for and with enough users to ensure that my questions are addressed. Yes, the trolls are annoying but it is easy enough to just scroll past them and still find thoughtful, meaningful discussions. Also, I do not use social media and resent the attempt to force me into using a site I do not wish to. I think it's particularly absurd to promote imdb's twitter site, as there is no way I can get my thoughts out in 140 characters.  To show my displeasure with this move I am deleting my imdb account and will not visit the site until the message boards are reinstated. 

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