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So on the Mockingjay Part 2 boards, we like to discuss the final installment of The Hunger Games franchise. Being as these are the last months of any hype, we want to go out with a bang. This fandom means a lot to me, but trolls are infesting our boards like crazy.

The Hunger Games series has been controversial, with many people claiming that the author has shown work of plagarism in her books from the terrible Battle Royale movies, and of course the trolls jump on board.

The Battle Royale debate was discussed way too many times for years now, and I want it to end. It is RIDICULOUS! As you can see here, this poster does nothing but bash the movie. "how are they going to show all the R-rated stuff from the final act of Battle Royale 2 without getting in trouble with the censors ? " Here the poster is claiming that the movie is copying Battle Royale 2. Here the troll is bashing the movie again. What makes it worse is that this loner dude hasn't rated any movies or taken part in polls or anything really. His profile is blank. Here the same troll brings up Battle Royale COMPLETELY out of the blue and bashes The Hunger Games franchise.

I could go on for longer with more examples, but I'm getting stressed with these trolls. If you wish for me to give more examples, I'll gladly do it. I want them all GONE. I believe a few of the trolls are sockpuppet accounts too. PLEASE help us, because it's ridiculous.  I've reported many in my day, but that doesn't seem to work. If this problem isn't solved, there's not much of a point of being in the place that I should love. Thank you.
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  • like I have an itch that I simply can't scratch. It's irritating and it won't go away. That itch being the trolls.

Posted 5 years ago

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Stuff like this happens in every board, in most cases it is actually worse than what you are describing is happening on the Mockingjay 2 board. IMDB has been letting this cap slide for years, don't expect anything to happen, I've discovered this the hard way. The only ones who ever seem to get punished are the ones that try to put a stop to it.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled How do I report someone?.

I'm not looking to report posts on boards because I already know how to do that, but I can never seem to find out how to report an actual person, not just their posts.

There have been trolls flooding the Mockingjay Part 2 boards (and based on their profile they do NOTHING but go on the Mockingjay Part 2 boards to spread hate), and I can only report their posts. But that is not enough. They keep coming back. I want to actually report them themsevles.

Any help?
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Are trolls actually dealt with on IMDb...?.

Because I am SICK of having to deal with idiots on the Mockingjay Part 2 boards! Just LOOK at this guy's board history:

Nothing but Mockingjay Part 2 and a few others, but mainly Mockingjay Part 2. And all he does is TROLL!

"Mockingjay Part 2 is a copy of Battle Royale blah blah blah." And what's worse is that there's MORE of them. Even on threads where I am talking about news from the movie, he suddenly bursts in and starts saying "You should get a hobby! I recommend hiking! Hiking is fun!" It's ridiculous. Click on Mahmoud-Buttrumps's comments, and in one if them you'll find this exact message TO ME: "Have you considered the Art of Origami? It's a great stress-reliever from what I hear, costing only pennies to maintain for even the most casual of nutty-putty hobbyists.... "

Someone seriously needs to ban this guy. It's ridiculous. With a new trailer coming out tomorrow, I can only imagine what he's going to say or do next. It's SO RUDE! IMDb, PLEASE make it so that we can delete any comments on our threads! It's ridiculous!

Someone please help me. Every time I report his posts, he just comes back! And I know about putting him on my ignore list, but other people don't, and I don't want the good people on our boards to have to put up with his shit! I wish to see every comment that he posts and report it, because I know some others don't! 

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled I AM SICK OF THIS! HELP! TROLLS ARE REPORTING ME!.

If you visit my profile, you'll see other topics I've posted of the Mockingjay Part 2 threads being attacked with trolls.

It's the typical "Hunger Games is a copy of Battle Royale..." nonsense, and I tell them "If we didn't care years when the first movie came out, we're not going to care now so leave."

Then it turns personal. The trolls telling me to get a hobby. Spamming threads saying "Maybe a  hobby is in order for you..." or "I recommend you try out hiking" totally out of the blue!

And now it has come to this.. Please read my board of anger here to see my problem:

They are REPORTING ME. Trolls are reporting me for telling them to leave! I don't want my account banned! This is crazy! Just look at all the boards they are spamming, and I am the one to blame?!?!?! Someone please help me because this is unacceptable!
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Please stop flooding this board which is not for reporting abuse on message boards. Please use the report system in place.

Also see:

Message Boards Top Frequently Asked Questions

I want to complain about the way the message boards are moderated!
We are sorry to hear that. However, if you disagree with the policies outlined in our Terms & Conditions of Use document or are otherwise dissatisfied with the contents or operation of our message boards, we suggest that you stick to the core functions of the site and stay away from the boards.

I realize you're having a frustrating time. But you might take the chat off site and use the site as a searchable database of film info. You'll probably find other chat rooms with better moderation as this one has millions of boards to monitor and staff has better things to do.

But flooding here is bound to get your account disabled.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled The Hunger Games: Catching Fire 'Battle Royale' trolls..

*Firstly, don't you dare even merge this with my other posts. This one is for boards of a different movie so it doesn't count.*

Please, please, PLEASE fix these trolls. Just look at the main page in the boards:

Seriously. Everything is about Battle Royale. Could you PLEASE just give a few of these users some warnings. It's disgraceful that nobody can discuss a great movie with the rating of 7.7 because of silly trolls spamming the boards.

Even if you try to make a thread about the movie, people will immediately start spamming that thread with 'BATTLE ROYALE RIPOFF AOAOASNDKS.'

It's so rude.

Please help. Thanks.
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If you find an inappropriate post, report it and leave the box checked to ignore the person making the post.

There is no need to continue reporting the issue, or to report it separately here.

That's how the forums work. Report problem posts, ignore the people making them. If that is too upsetting for you to deal with then I would politely suggest using only the primary features of the website: the database of information about the film. And stay away from the user generated content on the forum areas which is too unsettling for you.
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... ignore the person ...
Or "the persons" -- certainly plural in some cases.

I've visited boards where (at the worst times) the number of simultaneously active "trolls" might require spending some time building up a substantial ignore list.  It's doable, just a little bit tiresome.  Some types of trolling activity (such as socks, or delete-and-bump) can even render the Ignore feature arguably ineffective.

My solution (as you would recommend) is to simply stop using boards where such activity occurs.  Instead I visit other boards where there is currently not so much "trolling" going on.  ("Knock on wood.")

I enjoy a relatively happy and stress-free life because I'm not dependent on the IMDb message boards.  If they all degenerated into "troll soup" tomorrow, I'd just quit the boards entirely.  No problem!  I'm not a message board addict.  I'm not!  Am I?  

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