Live Poll: Most Intense Scenes in Comedies

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Just scenes from movies rated 6/10 or higher. The moment the scene describes does not necessarily have to be funny. It should be funny, but can also be an emotionally intense dramatic moment within the comedy. But it sure has to be a comedy or satirical movie. I tried to find some examples many filmbuddies would love, to be more able to reach general public with these examples.

I also know that comedy is a wide area with a few hundred loved movies. So it's one of the hardest genres to make a poll from. When you suggest, please show me an image and the text you like to put me on the list. That could be a flood of FYCs, so I will have to choose hard. I like to be convinced to put it on the list. No animation movies. It can take some time for me to answere on a suggestion, because I'm still on vacation.

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Posted 7 months ago

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Interesting list- I wouldn't call a lot of these scenes 'intense' myself although The Cable Guy was a pretty intense movie- Jim Carrey was pretty scary in that film.

I've got a few recommendations, one is for Meet the Feebles which is a hilarious puppet comedy yet it's a disturbing and at times intense look at adult concepts. The other one I'm not sure if I would call it a 'comedy' per say, again it's a pretty bleak film but at the same time it has lots of humour. The baby crawling scene in Trainspotting- that scene is downright traumatic! After that I never looked at heroin the same way again... 
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Can't plus that enough, Meet the Feebles is indeed quite intense and disturbing. 
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Ok, I tried to remember. Heidi the hippo is in. ;) So meet the feebles on this list.