Movie connection between an episode of one TV series and an episode of another series

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Should it be possible to make a movie connection link between an episode of one TV series and an episode of a different series? I ask because I submitted such a link, and got no error message, but it hasn't appeared and the latest date in is later than the date when I submitted the entry: "Connections
Gold 15 October 2018".

The submission is 181013-103801-522000

  • "Armchair Theatre" (1956) {Wednesday's Child (#10.15)}
    • Movie Connections - Replace
      • Old -
        Other: "Public Eye" (1965)
        Type: spin off from
        Reason: Prequel to 1969's "My Life's My Own" (#4.4)
        New -
        Other: "Public Eye" (1965) {My Life's My Own (#4.4)}
        Type: spin off from
        Reason: Wednesday's Child is a prequel to My Life's My Own

The background is that an episode of Public Eye featured several guest characters who also appeared in an episode of Armchair Theatre (a series which is a collection of free-standing plays), with the Armchair Theatre play being a prequel which looked at the life of the main characters whom we also see in that episode of Public Eye. Most of the characters are played by the same actors in both cases.

I'm correcting an existing link which linked from "Armchair Theatre" (1956) {Wednesday's Child (#10.15)} to the whole series "Public Eye" (1965), instead of to the specific episode.

Is it possible to do what I'm trying to do? Is it the submission is still waiting to be processed and the date of 15 October 2018 is wrong? "The Oldest Item Date is the submission date for the single oldest unprocessed item within that category." sounds fairly unambiguous: I interpret it as meaning that if any submission is older than the stated date for that section, it has had a problem.

Here's a suggestion: if there is a problem with a submission, and it has been rejected, how about having a system where the list manager can email the submitter with a reason, rather than letting it be discarded silently.

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Posted 10 months ago

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Hello Martin
AIUI, there was a policy decision made many years ago to not allow one TV series to make 'Movie Connection' links to another or they would finish up with almost every episode in a season being "Followed by" another episode. 
As for emailing people when submissions are rejected, there are just too many submissions. The list managers are already very busy. If they had to email back to everyone whose submission was rejected with a reason to tell them, then they wouldn't have time for anything else, like checking other submissions. 

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I knew that it wasn't possible to link two episodes in the same series (I've seen the thread where someone asked how to do it), and I can understand why, but I thought that links between episodes of different titles was now allowed.

If it's still not allowed, then maybe the form validation needs to be updated to enforce that rule, rather than giving a normal "successful submission" response.
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Hi Martin,

Thanks I can see the problem here, it is due to the type of connection you are submitting. The right format In this case would be to submit it as a "reference" and please use the explanation "Wednesday's Child is a prequel to My Life's My Own".

I hope this helps.