My Acting credits in TV Movies have been moved to "SELF". I play Zombie; I'm Not a Zombie in real life! Please fix!

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Posting on behalf of actress Leila Jean Davis:   My Acting credits for Zombie Etiquette TV Movies have been moved to the "SELF" category. I play a Zombie named "Dorothy" - I'm Not a Zombie in real life! Please fix!
Here is link to one of the 7 TV movies that someone has changed in this manner (ps. I checked, & Producer & Director don't know who has been messing with their TV Movies credits). Thanks for you help!:
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  • Frustrated! Who is messing up my Acting credits?

Posted 8 months ago

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Marti: The reason Leila has "Self" credits for various "Zombie Etiquette" productions is that they have been given the keyword tv-special. In IMDb-speak, the keyword tv-special implies that the production is a nonfiction show and the cast should be listed as playing "Self" roles by default.

You will notice that the other people playing roles in these productions also have them listed in the "Self" section of their filmographies.

Since these productions are fiction, the solution is to remove the tv-special keyword from the Keywords section on each title's IMDb page. You don't need to do anything with regard to Leila's individual credits -- this change should be done for each of the titles.

Once the tv-special keywords are removed from each of the "Zombie Etiquette" titles, Leila's and the other actors' credits will be moved to the Actress or Actor sections of their pages. That may not happen immediately -- it may take a few days -- but it will be done without requiring further edits.

By the way, there are a few cast members whose character names are given as "Herself" or "Himself" -- for example, in Chasing Amys: Zombie Etiquette, A.S. King, Carly Robins, and Molly Rydzel are all listed as playing themselves. Their credits will stay in the "Self" category even after the tv-special keyword is removed. That said, IMDb policy indicates that their character name should probably be changed to their names rather than "Herself" because I assume that they were appearing in scripted, fictionalized situations. See which says:
Where someone is billed in the credits as Himself/Herself in a fictional piece and are playing a scripted, fictional version of themselves, we use the performer's name as the character name to avoid moving the credit to the 'Self' category even if the credits say Himself/Herself.
Good luck!
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Thanks!  The Zombie Etiquette Show was run like Saturday Night Live; with cast members and guest interviews, and musical talent.  So, it was a combination of fiction with non-fiction. 
The Show filmed on Friday nights and considered itself to be 'Friday Night Dead' since it was hosted by Zombies instead of humans. :-)
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”TV movie” = fiction
”TV special = non-fiction