My credit for Chicago Med went to Ron Haynes (X) instead of Ron Haynes (IX) How can I have it transferred to my open account. Ron Haynes IX

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Ron Haynes (IX) and Ron Haynes (X) is the same person, me. My account is active under Ron Haynes (IX) but my credit for Chicago Med is under Ron Haynes (X). How can merge the accounts or transfer my credit to my open account?
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Posted 1 year ago

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Merging a Name

Please only submit a name merge if you are sure that all data on both name pages belong to the same person. If data is mixed up you'll need to move each item separately (for help with this process we recommend visiting the official IMDb support community powered by Get Satisfaction).

If a name page looks empty and you think a dupe page was created incorrectly, merging is the preferred way to get rid of the empty name. IMPORTANT: A name page can only be considered 'empty' if it does not contain any bio, credits, Resume, photos or Contact data - some of which you cannot see or access unless you are an IMDb Pro subscriber. If you don't have Pro, check for a More at IMDb Pro section - if a name page has links to Contact Info or Clients etc, the page isn't empty and you shouldn't merge it.

If you're sure all data belongs to the same person or that the name page is completely empty, before submitting a name merge you'll need to determine which name is correct, or which is to be the "primary name".

  • If a person has worked under two or more names, their primary name should be the one used most often, unless they have chosen to use a particular name for all work in the future.
  • In this case, let's assume the primary name is X. You would go to the listing for name Y (the incorrect or less common name) and click Edit Page.
  • Choose Name Correction or Merge from the list of options
  • Enter name X in the box, in reversed form (i.e. Doe, John). If there is more than one person with the same name, be sure to include the proper Roman numeral (i.e., "Doe, John (I)" ).
  • If person X also used name Y in some credits, you should leave the Preserve previous name on existing credits check box underneath ticked. If name Y was a typo and did not appear on screen, or you are correcting a mis-transliteration, untick the check box. Include an explanation in the box provided.
  • You'll see a warning that you are combining two names. Since that is what you wanted to do, you should check the box acknowledging the warning. If you've unticked the Preserve previous name on existing credits check box you'll also need to acknowledge that you know what you're doing. The rest of the process proceeds as normal.

Please note that the updates may happen in stages, which can mean that some credits may disappear for a day or two while the merge is being processed.

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Hi Ron,

Following up on CliffJ's message, 

IMDb Help Center Page
How can I combine two IMDb filmography pages?

In your case, start the submission on the Ron Haynes (X) name page and click the Edit Page button. 

In the Name Correction or Merge form, type the name this way.

Haynes, Ron (IX)

In the Explanation box, type a brief message explaining why the name pages are being merged. 

Example: Name merge request. This is the same person on both pages. 
You can also add the URL of this discussion in the explanation box.

Acknowledge the yellow warning message by clicking the checkbox to the left of the following statement.

Warning understood, go ahead anyway.

Processing may take at least 48-72 hours.

I hope this helps. Please write back if you have any more questions. 
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Is it just me or is telling someone who is most likely not familiar with the IMDb interface, not the best way of going about this?

Since it is quite possible I created Ron Haynes (X) since I didn't know which Ron Haynes appeared, I went ahead and submitted the merge for the two names.
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Usually if a week goes by without a reported error being corrected, I will submit the correction.
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Ron, it looks like the merge has gone through and the credit is now on Ron Haynes (IX)