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My name is your site. However this is not me and I checked if anyone else has the same name as me, which is not the case. I'd like to have my name taken off of your website. Esspecially since this is a sex-related movie and I just like to have a clear search if anyone is looking me up. I can provide any info if necessary (passport etc), to prove this is my name.
Also it's very anoying that I had to make an account on your forum in order to get into contact...

Thank you in advance,
Karima van der Voort
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Posted 9 months ago

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Unfortunately, you can prove who you are. That does not disprove that some one (You) or some one with the same name was in the Documentary.
It will not be removed.
Sorry but this is an IMDb policy.
Please read this.

IMDb aims to be the most comprehensive and reliable source of information on movies, TV and celebrities. We are committed to accuracy and it is our longstanding policy not to alter or remove correct factual information from our records. If you notice an error or omission in our data, please submit a correction or deletion via the "Edit page" button located at the bottom of every name and title page and our staff will be happy to review it and make all applicable changes.

However, IMDb will not remove accurate information.
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Hi Karima,

Thank you for reaching out about this.

Our aim is to be the most complete and reliable source of movie, TV, and entertainment information on the web. In order to continue offering our users an accurate and trustworthy service, it is our policy not to alter or delete any kind of correct/factual information from our records. 

We believe the data listed is factual, as such we cannot remove this as requested. 

Thank you for your understanding.
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This is not true check it with whomever put t on there. I checked if there is anyone else with the same name as me. There is not... And I am certain I’m not in there. So according to your rules my name should not be on there...
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Next to the fact that for my job peoe are googling my name and this is the only result that is popping up...
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If you name appears on this film credits, there can only be 2 solutions: you may have a homonym, despite the research you have undertaken. Or most likely, as it is a sex film, the actor/actress as taken a pseudo which happens to be your name...

Now without telling us what your name nor the film title are, there is hardly anything other contributors can do to help you.