Naya Legend of the Golden Dolphin - Fake Movie starring Ellen Page, Gerald Butler on Imdb? What the hell is this?

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Hey I just stumbled upon this movie on Owen Wilsons Imdb page.
Apparently its by a dude named Jonathon Kay, his other entries on imdb include a movie called starlight with little info and a Documentary about dolphins which has almost the exact same name as the Naya movie and the exact same cast. Which btw. supposedly includes: Megan Fox, Gerald Butler, Ellen Page, Kate Winslet, Owen Wilson and a few more A-listers. 

The Movie is upcoming apparently (2019). I found this trailer on Vimeo: which is pretty laughable but does show some voice recordings from the celebrities that are allegedly starring in it. Now since the documentary seems to have the same cast my first instinct was that this movie is probably the attempt of salvaging that failed documentary.

According to an entry on "" the documentary, which has the cover art and title from the movie on this website,  premiered in 2010/2011 at some festivals with no further releases. Suggesting to me it was never picked up by a distributor. 

There's also a trailer for the documentary which consists of what mostly looks like stock footage of dolphins. A chap on YT ( uncovered in this video that the trailer also contains a shot lifted from anaconda. 

Further investigation also surfaced this article:

"The film is still in production, with 13 stars having recorded voice-overs and 60 percent of the live-action footage filmed in eight locations.

What they still have to do, he said, is the photo-real animation for the action-adventure scenes and making the dolphins speak.

Kay also is looking for investors to help fund the project."

Kay envisions these animations to be on par with "The Jungle Book" btw. 

Conclusion: So what I'm wondering right now how much of this is real, does the documentary actually exist? How did he get these Celebrities to record for him? Are the voice recordings real? What the hell is this guy doing? Should this be taken off imdb?

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Posted 1 year ago

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Hi Marlon -

Thanks for your report.  Upon reviewing this title I was able to find that this is a re-worked title of "Na Nai'a: Legend of the Dolphins (2011)", there are sources for this title mentioned under the External Sites section confirming that this title was initially released in 2011.

Concerning the 2019 title, "Naya Legend of the Golden Dolphin", this listing is eligible to be displayed on IMDb as this appears to be a re-worked version and is expected to be re-released.  Our editors have taken additional steps to correct the cast credits, as these should include the appropriate "voice" attributes, these changes should be live on the site shortly. 

Regarding your final questions, unfortunately, I am unable to provide answers about how the cast was on-boarded or what the directors intentions were (note that you can find contact details for the film here), however, the title does seem to exist and is eligible to be listed on the site.

I hope this helps!  
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Hey Marlon,

Weirdly enough I actually have some insight on this project. I was working at a post production house in Van Nuys in 2014-2015 when this guy, Jonathon Kay, came in with a ton of footage for a doc about pink dolphins. He had been tooling around with a ton of footage he shot all over the world over a span of a few years and couldn't decide the direction he was wanting to take the film. He was able to get so many A-list talent willing to lend their voices to this thing at one point because I believe everyone thought it was going to be the next March Of The Penguins. While he was at our studio he eventually decided to change the format from documentary to narrative and even put together a new script telling a new story. He didn't stay at the studio with us long as he was only in town for a short amount of time (I believe he lived and worked in the Hawaii area). I only this morning remembered the film and thought to look it up on IMDB and eventually found a link to this post. So, yes, the film is real and the voice talent is legit, but who knows what the end product will be or if it will ever be seen. I do know that it wasn't shot in 3D originally and the footage wasn't even close to HD, so it could come out looking more like the 1960's Jungle Book than the 2018 version ;)
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Great Story!
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I think you might find this interesting. Stumbled upon it today and after doing more research it led me your thread.