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I had this moment of enlightenment today, where iMDB could integrate a Netflix-available feat. This would just tell the visitor if the movie they want to know about, is available on Netflix.

I know linking the iMDB page to the Netflix one is on another level, but this small feat would surely enhance the experience of present, and future iMDB visitors.
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Posted 6 years ago

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Potential problem: is Netflix availability global, or is it different from country to country? If the latter, then said linking would take a lot of administration... It probably would either way, but even more so if they have to add those links based on locality.
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I'm not certain IMDb would care to integrate a Netflix available function. IMDb is owned by Amazon; Amazon and Netflix are in direct competition in the streaming video biz.  It would seem counterintuitive to promote Netflix.  However, you just never know.
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Both of you are right. Even if Amazon and Netflix are head-to-head on the streaming domain, there is a possibility that this idea becomes reality. It doesn't imply that they should ally forever, but a simple icon in the corner, or next to the movie poster, would enhance the already great experience while visiting

Global-availability could be based on the your IP address, thus making the localization a little easier. I know some websites (i.e.: Google Maps use this technology to locate your PC position).

So technically, the idea is plausible. Although it might not happen tomorrow, or even next week, or not even next year. Practically though... well, that's another story.
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I don't have a lot of time to watch movies (let alone read about the minutiae from each one) so I don't visit IMDb very often, but each time I do, it's because I hear a movie referenced that I may want to see.  If it looks promising, the very next question that occurs to me:  is it on Netflix?  Like it or not (world/Amazon), that's where I and a lot of other people watch a good share of our movies.  With the limited information I get from from Netflix and especially the Roku version of Netflix (e.g. no reviews) there's still some value to looking the film up on IMDB first especially if I'm not in front of the TV at the time (which is usually the case), but do have an internet connection.  When I see the IMDb entry and think "I might like to watch that", it's a drag to write it down or remember it until the next time I sit down to watch something or have to open a new window or tab, go to netflix, log in, and search for it.  It would be so much easier to have an "on Netflix?" box checked on IMDb.  I'm totally on board with this.  Thanks for bringing it up, Juaneski.  The sole reason I came to these forums was to find a place to express the need for this, and you've provided it.  This would add a benefit (maybe an incentive to visit more often) for lay-persons and casual users like me instead of continuing to build exclusively for enthusiasts, film-buff, die-hard fans and the like.  Is it on Netflix?  That's what I need to know.  I guess I'll have to go look it up.

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