New! Redesigned IMDbPro’s pages for names, titles, and companies

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We are excited to announce the launch of a new design for IMDbPro name, title, and company pages. The new interface not only makes it easier to find information but also simplifies navigating the many sections within the page.
Here are some key improvements that we have made:

  • Page summary section

    At the top of each page you will now find a summary of the key information about the name, title, or company.  In this top summary section, we provide links to more detailed information elsewhere on the page.  This makes it faster and easier for you to find IMDbPro member exclusive information.
  • Data organization

    Information about name, title, and companies are organized under tabs in our new design.  This allows you to quickly navigate between sections without the need to load a completely new page.  Related data items are now also re-organized to appear within the same tab.  For more information, you can visit our help pages around data on name, title, and company pages.
  • Contact and representation

    You can find the representation, affiliations, or contact information for each page directly underneath the top summary section on the left side of the page. 
  • Trending and popularity

    On the bottom of each page you can find popularity andtrending details including detailed STARmeter, MOVIEmeter, or COMPANYmeter charts as well as other relevant popularity information depending on the page type you are on.
Check out the new pages today at

FAQ for new design.

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Posted 2 years ago

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July 9 2018: We are excited to announce the launch of a new design for IMDbProname..

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Angela Uzun

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Sorry, but the new look is horrible and I will cancel my fees if you don't change it back to what it was before.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled "Trending.".

I was noticing that on my new IMDbpro page it says the word "Trending." What exactly does that mean?
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I am afraid I think that the previous IMDb design was better. It was more business-like with sections in rectangular white squares, like the section on Contacts with listings of Talent Agent, Manager, Publicist, Legal Representation. To start, each section was listed in capital letters, like MANAGER and LEGAL REPRESENTATION, then the information appeared in rectangular boxes with lined and squared separations. This looked very professional and has a tone of serious business intent in its look and feel. Now, this section has moved to the left, the divided squares are gone, the letter font has turned artistic, section categories are headed in small letters like Manager and Legal Representation, and all in all, the smaller words and unlined and divided sections, and the new artistic word fonts has given the whole page a new and artistic look but it seems more a page of an interior designer or a travel website rather than a serious business website for motion picture and television industry professionals. My opinion is to ask (though I know I may be in the minority) for the old page design to be brought back for the reasons just mentioned above.  
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled New site look is horrendous and REALLY unpleasant to use.

New site looks horrendous and unpleasant to use
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the new is a disaster !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  and it looks like some interns designed the whole new page . Plz change it back asap  
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Please change IMBd Pro to what it was before. 
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I agree with all the other posters. This "improvement" is a complete disaster. Once again IMDb has taken a function that worked well and was easy to use and efficient, and turned it into something you'd expect to see in a Keystone Kops short (e.g., the "new and improved" way of linking names and titles).

If IMDb's goal is to frustrate contributors to the point where they just give up and go somewhere else, or just give up altogether, they're succeeding beyond their wildest expectations. If it's not their goal, then someone needs to explain to them that the word "improvement" means to make things better, not worse.
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See above.  How hard would it be to stop making the site worse?  Just stop "redesigning."  Just because you can can keep breaking things that work doesn't mean you should.  Just stop.  Thanks.
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It's annoying how every IMDb resume is split up into parts spread out across the resume-haver's IMDbPro page! O, for the love of...
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Is it true that you CAN’T watch someone’s reel on Pro but you can on regular IMDB? I’m talking just on the app...which I’m currently doing.
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The new site is horrible. This is for professionals? White space everywhere. I have to scroll and tab to get information that used to be front and center. Images and graphs that are now front and center are useless and not what I use the site for
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Can one keep the full list of a performer's film, etc. titles showing without rec....

In IMDb pro if a performer has a long list of film titles, TV titles etc. ,
only the first several titles show in, e.g., the film category. You
click on "show all past films & video" and then you get the full
list. If you then click on a particular film title to look at its complete entry,
then if you next press the return icon to get back to the prior page
with the actor's listings for films, TV, etc., you have to again click
on "show all past films & video" to see the full list of films in
order to gain access to click on a particular early title of that performer. IS THERE A WAY TO "lock in", e.g., the full list of films & video of an actor
so one does NOT have to do the annoying extra step of clicking "show all
past films & video"
- If one is examining several film, etc. entries of
an actor, this additional repeated step becomes cumbersome and time wasteful..  Thanks for any
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Hi Jim,

I would recommend trying to use "Ctrl+Click" or using the right-click button on your mouse to open the link to the title without affecting the expanded list in the actor's filmography.