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Photo of Keith Chanter
Adding photos for deceased actors
I am a bit of a movie "anorak"and occasionally I will update a deceased actor's credits. Sometimes they do not have any photos on their p...
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Photo of Greycomm
Inaccurately deceased
Suzanne Charney is not deceased. She's on Facebook and her own site: You can confirm this ...
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Photo of Dominic Byles
Deceased Person
How do I go about registering a person deceased on IMDB? Also, the spelling of his first name is incorrect.. can it be amended?
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Photo of Tanya Field
Can I add a photo?
My deceased great aunt was an actress and there is an IMDb profile for her. However, there are no profile pictures of her. How can I add ...
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Photo of Diana Elm
Why are there so many duplicate photos in IMDb?  It is annoying and more than a little pathetic.  Not very professional either.
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