Objective issue with the site layout: Putting "Creator" Under "Writer" for every single episode

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Now I know one can always defend anything, let alone when it's already established, but I think it's overall far mor inconvenient than convenient. And that is, it has always been a bother, when trying to find episodes that someone has written, to be presented with a giant list of every single episode of a show, even if they have actually "written" barely one of them. I am not trying to put disrespect on their achievement (whoever they may be), nor do I find the info of their creatorship uninteresting or irrelevant, but I think it should be handled much more simply and logically.

I think there should be one entry for "created" under "Writer", which covers the whole length of the show. Already I have all the info I need for that at a single glance, and it doesn't leave any episode out. However, epsodes that were actually "written" or officially carry that credit should have a separate entry, under the same title (similar to now).

Now anyone can easily find the writers' info they are looking for, and no info is lost in any way. This is much more logical. The way it is now is excessive, messy and complicated, it almost seems amateurish when one thinks about it, like no logical thought was put into it before.
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Mathias Herrmann, IMDb listings reflect credits. 

Most of the TV shows have creator credited in every single episode, just as the same goes for source material writers. Developing a concept for a TV show is an important step in its production, so that is something that hardly should be overlooked. Writer of a single episode does a big chunk of job, but creator often oversees and plans the whole plot of the show. 

Moreover, comporomises in that area lead to inaccuracies. One might see that a credit which is seen in every single episode was omitted and might erroneously think something like that for something just as important: composer, producer, etc. I've actually seen this happening regardless, but not having creators on every episode might further spiral the issue.