Oddities in "The Terror" TV Series Release Dates (Guidance Needed)

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Hello Community,

I couldn't find a similar post to the issue I'm seeing so I'm starting up a new one.

My question is about oddities in release dates and guidance.

In particular this has to do with "The Terror" TV Series and the episode release dates (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2708480/episodes?ref_=tt_ov_epl). Everything looked fine for Ep1 - Ep5 and Ep10. Ep6 - Ep9 are wonky. I'm in Canada so at first thought it was because the dates for Canada had not been added for Ep6 - Ep10 so I went in to take a look. It's true Canada had not been added but that doesn't seem to be the issue. These dates are showing based on USA.

I cross referenced dates with the following resources:

When I check Ep1 - Ep5  and Ep10 it shows the date for USA and nothing in the attributes column. Ep6 - Ep9 show "{internet}" in the attribute column.

My first question is "what does {internet} mean? Does this mean the date was pulled from the internet automatically and this attribute was added to reflect that or does it mean this is the release date to the internet (ex: streaming services).

When I look at the guidelines for TV Series the release date is derived from the "first/earliest" date (I'm assuming by region like USA, Canada, etc.). When I look at the dates that the Wiki page shows for Amazon video the dates on IMDB almost match to this except for Ep9 and these dates are earlier than the TV release dates (not sure if this is an error). The AMC page only shows TV release dates. I know the wiki page isn't necessarily considered an authentic source but it was the only page I could find that showed dates that kind of matched what I'm seeing as the release dates for these episodes.

1. As a general guideline should a TV Series that is released to TV (as opposed to a TV Series being released for streaming like on Netflix) show the date it was released on TV even if another date shows as the earliest date? Ex. Ep6 on the wiki page and AMC page shows Original air date as Apr 23 but the wiki page shows Amazon video release date as Apr 10. I'm assuming it should be the actual TV air date but want to confirm.
2. Should the USA entries for Ep6 - Ep9 be corrected and should {internet} be removed as an attribute? As per my question above an explanation of this attribute would be helpful. I couldn't find anything on this when I searched.

I can submit the changes but don't want to do this if I'm wrong in that it should be the original TV air date as per the AMC website that should be appearing.

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Posted 1 year ago

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(internet) means an online release, including streaming.

I think it is allowed to list both an internet release with the (internet) attribute and a regular TV airing without an attribute.

This is not covered in the available guidelines, though, so perhaps staff could confirm.
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Hey Karen,

Thanks for your post.

As you've mentioned, the release date you see is derived from the "first/earliest" date attached to a title tied with your country of choice site settings - this includes both (internet) releases (Amazon Prime, Netflix, other streaming services) and/or TV Releases.

A title can include both an internet and TV Release date, whichever is the earliest date will appear as the release date for that title.

For example:

Season 1 Episode 5 has a USA release date of 16 April 2018
Season 1 Episode 6 has a USA release date of 10 April 2018 (internet)

However, episodes are to be listed in the order they were shown (earliest release date of each episode):

Season 1 Episode 5's earliest release date of 3 April 2018 (Germany)
Season 1 Episode 6's earliest release date of 10 April 2018 (Germany & USA)

If you've identified errors or missing information within the release dates, please feel free to submit corrections via the Edit Page button listed at the bottom of the episode pages!

Hope this  helps.

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Thanks so much for the speedy reply Joel and Peter and thanks for confirming what "internet" is as well as first release dates.

I don't think the Germany date is correct for being the earliest. If anything USA and Germany would have been released at the same time but I will look into this. I also find it odd that the Amazon release dates for episodes 4 and later but not the earlier episodes however I guess it's possible these went to streaming services before their TV premieres. I'll do a bit more research into those dates but now that I know each episode can have a TV and Internet  premiere date I will submit for the TV premieres. For ex. Ep6 premieres tonight on TV according to both the AMC and Wiki sites.

Thanks again!


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I just read the entire Wiki page and assuming the info is correct it looks like AMC (after March 26th) released most of the first season prior to the TV broadcast dates. There's probably no reason to submit the TV broadcast dates given it won't appear first regardless unless it's useful to have the info recorded.