Oogieloves has Fake Voters

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Y'all need to look at "The Oogieloves" page, there has been some clear "planted" voters. It sits at a 7.0/10, that cannot be correct. I looked at the voting demographics, 92% people gave it a 10/10. Again, more evidence of fake voters
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Posted 6 years ago

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It is interesting to see the breakdown:


The vast number of votes come from people who have supplied no demographic information, which has the whiff of vote stuffing.

The reason for the visible rating being below the median is the weighting giving to regular voters (the Top 1000 Voters is often a good indicator of the problem. You can find more discussion on this angle here:


The question is: How do you work out which are the fake votes? The evidence might suggest most of them are and should all be scrubbed. However, neither I nor the system is psychic so no one knows who has actually seen the film.
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The IMDB is experiencing a problem with what appears to be automated voting software programs (presumably run by hackers) that are using 3 to 4 dozen IMDB accounts to vote a score of 1/10 to almost all newly released U.S. films -this is called score bombing. It lowers the rating of all new films being released and obviously could be causing financial injury to the U.S. film companies that are releasing new films.

Bizarrely, the several dozen accounts being driven by the automated voting programs have voted a 1/10 to so many thousands of films, that they are currently recognized by IMDB as being among the TOP 1000 Voters. As such, the 1/10 scores from these accounts is being given a very high weight by the IMDB algorithms that compute your weighted average score - these scores are weighted 10x to 100x more than the scores given by real people who have seen new films and who are voting sincerely. It is so wrong that it is scandalous.

This has happened to your Oogieloves film. Go to your voting page and click on the score of the Top 1000 voters and you will see the vote distribution. Of the 48 votes by TOP 1000 voters, you will see that 25 of these voters have scored your film a 1/10. Obviously, this is total horseshit - these are fake votes (as you say) and you are being victimized by an automated voting program. And again, IMDB assigns a very high weight to each of the 48 scores from TOP 1000 voters when calculating the weighted average score of Oogieloves. You are being screwed.

This is happening to almost every new U.S film that is released. The film Gravity has also received 37 votes of 1/10 from IMDB's TOP 1000 Voters (out of 161 such votes cast to date.) So has Prisoners. So has almost every newly released film. So Oogieloves is in good company.

It would be trivial for IMDB staff to determine which 3 or 4 dozen TOP 1000 Voter accounts are being driven by the automated scoring program (they will have given a score of 1 to thousands of films) and to simply disqualify those votes from being factored into the calculation of average votes. To date the IMDB staff have not done this and they do not appear to be planning to do so. This is a big issue. Additionally, IMDB is not voluntarily disclosing to their User community that they have a score bombing problem.

I am very frustrated and trying to get the word out about IMDB and the automated voting programs in whatever way I can. I hope to put pressure on IMDB to identify and disqualify the 3 to 4 dozen TOP 1000 Voter accounts that are causing the problem. Any help you can provide would be appreciated.
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I'm pretty sure Smith Curry was complaining that the rating for the Oogieloves movie is too high, not too low.

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