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As per imdb's genre guide (http://www.imdb.com/help/search?domain=helpdesk_faq&index=2&file=genres):


Virtually all scenes should contain characters participating in humorous or comedic experiences. The comedy can be exclusively for the viewer, at the expense of the characters in the title, or be shared with them. Please submit qualifying keywords to better describe the humor (i.e. spoof, parody, irony, slapstick, satire, black-comedy etc). If the title does not conform to the 'virtually all scenes' guideline then please do not add the comedy genre; instead, submit the same keyword variations described above to signify the comedic elements of the title. Subjective. [emphasis mine]"

There seem to be plenty of titles for which the bolded requests have been ignored - titles being labeled comedies that aren't really comedies but merely have comedic elements or scenes. And in my admittedly limited experience looking at keywords, I cannot recall seeing any of these humor tags being commonly used, either for actual comedies or the not-virtually-all-scenes type that I just mentioned (I think I've seen 'spoof' and 'parody' a few times - that's it ... I'd love examples where these keywords have been used to good effect and are rated high on the "helpful" list). I've tried removing a few comedy tags that I felt were not appropriate, but these contributions were not accepted (although I did NOT try adding qualifying keywords).

I'm just wondering what people's thoughts are on this.

-Do people agree the tag is overused, and/or barely ever qualified; and if so, is it worth the effort of trying to correct via keywords? (this leads to the greater question of how useful keywords are)

-What likelihood would a change of removing the comedy genre and adding humor keywords have of being accepted, and not being reverted? 

-What major keywords are missing from the examples given?

-Which messageboard/zone would be most appropriate to discuss which keywords are applicable for a particular title? (the comedy board is small, and seems more fitted for discussing actual comedies rather than what DOESN'T count; and the Contributor's Help board is for specific contributor inquiries/problems)

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