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With recent movies like “Atomic Blonde” and “Proud Mary”, and “Red Sparrow” and “Acrimony” being release soon, I thought an updated Femme Fatale poll might be in order. Who is the best (AKA, most seductive and dangerous) femme fatale in movies?

My problem is that I sometimes confuse “Warrior Women” with “Femme Fatales”. A femme fatale, by definition, has to be seductive in luring people, ethier knowlingly or unknowingly, to their doom, as well being physically able to kill them herself. Yes, the modern version blurs the difference between the two by making her being able to use weapons to kill. If I got any that don’t belong on this list and if you have better suggestion, talk about it here.
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Posted 2 years ago

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In #25.
There's a typo Mal Cobb not Map.
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I see it. It is too late for a relish because she got votes. The typo will have to stay.
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Thanks for fixing the typo. The poll has been re-pushed.
When making text corrections, it doesn't matter if the option has received votes or not.
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I see that you corrected the error and Jessica re-pushed your poll. There is no additional action on your part needed.

= = =

For future reference:
We prefer to correct typos before a poll goes live. However, correcting a typo in a poll does not significantly change the poll.

You can correct this typo in your list and ask for a re-push.

FAQ: Poll Authors - Re-Push Requests

This is what you would have posted in that thread.

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Reason: Fixed typo for choice #25