Penn & Teller: Fool Us (season 1 episode order and broadcast differences)

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Two things;

1) Season 1 episode numbers

The episode numbers of the first season of Penn & Teller: Fool Us need to be rearranged.

I think the problem came from when two entries were merged here:

As the old thread says, this show was originally produced by ITV and aired in the UK in 2011.

When The CW bought the rights they re-edited the first season slightly by switching around some acts between the episodes for their US broadcast in 2014. The total content of the season is (just about) the same.

However, the episode numbers should reflect the original UK broadcast and not the US broadcast, so these changes should be done:

(UK broadcast date) (URL) (current episode number) -> (episode number it should be)
2011-07-09 #1.5 -> #1.4
2011-07-16 #1.7 -> #1.5
2011-07-30 #1.8 -> #1.7
2011-08-28 #1.4 -> #1.8

Since we cannot switch the numbers, can you help us with this? I could of course use temporary numbers and wait for the update to take for each change before I switch them around, but maybe you have a better way. Otherwise please give me an OK to use temporary numbers so I can reference this thread in my updates so that they are not denied.

2) Cast differences

I have updated each episode to include the original cast of each one (from the UK broadcast), but since The CW changed some acts around, some extra cast members exist for most episode, since they were in that episode in the US version, but when they in the original broadcast were in another episode.

My question: Should these cast entries be removed from IMDb, so that the cast list reflects only the original broadcast? As I said, right now it's a bit of a mix, which ends up with some people getting credited in multiple episodes even they were only in one.

If they should be removed, please tell me in this thread and I'll use it as a reference in my deletions so they are not denied.


PS. (Almost) luckily The CW only switched around the Penn & Teller closing acts between two episodes, and since the episode titles are based on this act, The CW episode name listing will only be confusing between these two episodes.

Not a perfect solution, but I still think the original episode name and listing should be used throughout. I guess we could go back to having two title pages for this, one UK and one US, but since the content of the episodes in the first season is ~95% the same, that seems unnecessary, especially since The CW did not create any new content of their own for this season.
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Posted 1 year ago

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Hi Gustav -

Regarding the episode numbers, do you have any online references to verify the changes you are requesting?

For the cast credits on this series, please note that as per our policy, only the credits that appeared in the original UK airings will be eligible for listing, so any credits that were not part of the initial episode screenings will need to be removed.  When submitting the applicable credit deletions, you are welcome to reference this thread but also be sure to include a detailed explanation that the credit is from the US version and is not eligible.
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Great, thanks, I'll go through the episodes again and clean up the cast listings.

Regarding episode numbers:

Sadly I've not been able to find an official online source for the original listings, as ITV seem to have removed their original pages after selling the rights to The CW.

A summary of the original air dates is available on Wikipedia:

Since Wikipedia is a dubious source, here's a couple of online sources that confirm that the episodes actually aired on these dates originally, sadly kind of a mess, but this was the way I confirmed that the dates listed on Wikipedia (and therefore also the episode numbering) along with the acts listed were correct:

News article dated 9 Jul 2011 speaking of acts Daniel Kramer, Alan Rorrison & Daniel Cramer.

Forum posts start discussing the acts of this episode (for example Cubic Act and Nick Einhorn) on Jul 16, 2011.

Forum post from Jul 30, 2011 with "tonight's episode" listing Manuel Martinez, Shawn Farquhar, etc.

News article dated 28 Aug 2011 referencing the final episode and speaking of "a mind-reading stomach" (Lee Hathaway's act) and "an escape-from-a-tank-of-water number" (the Penn & Teller closing act, referenced in the episode title "Water Tanks for the Memories").

I listed sources of only these four episode as examples of my "detective work," please let me know if you want examples of the other four in season 1 as well, but these four are the only episodes that need to have their episode numbers changed :)
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Another question regarding this title:

The TV series is currently listed as having a Release Date of 7 January 2010 at the series/parent level, which is wrong and should be 7 January 2011.

This cannot be edited using the site tools ("This credit may only be added at the episode level. You appear to be adding this at the parent TV-series level and this is no longer supported. Please specify the exact episode(s) to which it applies.")

Since I cannot edit this entry into the correct date, should I delete it instead? And will then the date from the earliest episode be used on the series/parent level instead..?

Or can you change the Release Date for us on the series/parent level?

Asking before I do this edit since I've not done it before and not sure how it works :)

(Original start date for the series is 7 January 2011 due to the fact the pilot, Episode 1.0, was aired this date on ITV.)
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Hi Gustav,

Thanks for this, I've reordered those four episodes as requested.

Yes if there is a release date on the parent that needs to be changed and there are existing episodes with that data then please delete the release date from the parent series. I've done so now.