people naming conventions i.e. John Doe the First, Second, Third, etc.

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I'm trying to find the best way to add names that fit the convention listed in the subject line. In usual circumstances, John Doe the Fourth, for example, is usually spelled John Doe IV. However, when I try to add John Doe IV, the characters in the roman numerals are always converted in the format of the first character being uppercase and all subsequent characters being lowercase, which in normal convention isn't correct (as roman numerals are always all uppercase).

In the title for which I am trying to add new names, there are two such people who are III or IV as listed in the credits of that movie.

If the person is credited as John Doe IV, should I:
  • add the name as "Doe Iv, John"?
  • add the name as "Doe Iv, John" with the attribute (as John Doe IV)?
  • add the name "Doe the Fourth, John" with the attribute (as John Doe IV)?
  • something else?
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Posted 2 years ago

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Gene: I assume that you are talking about a situation where John Doe IV was named after his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather who all have the same name, as opposed to the roman numeral in parentheses used for people listed on IMDb with the same name such as Jennifer Lawrence (III).

I just tested this situation, and found that IMDb did accept "IV" after a surname with proper capitalization, but forced a change of "III" after the surname to "Iii".

So my recommendations are:
  1. Try to submit the person first as Doe IV, John.
  2. If the IMDb software forces you to change that to Doe Iv, John, accept that change for now and submit the name as such, but then come back to this message board and specifically request the staff to correct the name to have the correctly capitalized roman numeral. I believe that the staff can manually change the roman numeral back to what it is supposed to be. The mis-capitalization of some roman numerals is a known bug.
I hope this helps. Good luck!
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As Gromit says, you'll need to initially accept the lower case letters is the  name suffix. Unfortunately, there is no way to get IMDb to accept a name ending with a capital letter. The only way to get the name correct is to ask a IMDb staffer to fix it manually. I would not add an attribute. Just enter "Doe Iv, John". This is also true of people that go by a first name that doesn't have periods in them like JR Bourne
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Thanks for the responses. To answer your question gromit, yes I am referring to sons, grandsons, great-grandsons that all have the same given name.

My specific situations actually were both "III" (grandsons), so I will do as you both suggest and leave it as "Iii" without an attribute.
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Once the new name is added, come back with the name page link and ask for it to get corrected.
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Hi Gene -

I just wanted to confirm if the two new names you created were for "Mrs. Arthur H. Noble Iii" and "Roger Blackwell Iii", as reported in the other thread here

If so, the names have now been corrected.
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Hi Michelle:
Based on your other message, I assume you did figure out that these two names are indeed the ones in question. Thanks for making the change.

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