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I've been going over the ending credits of the TV series Andromeda (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0213327/?ref_=nv_sr_1), mostly adding missing credits. So far I've got to the beginning of season 3, and I was starting to wonder about deleting credits which might not be rightlfully listed. So far I've deleted very few credits, as in only those I was confident enough in my conclusion that they shouldn't have been there. 

Regarding other credits I wasn't so sure, so I figured I'd ask around before taking actions which might make things worse. For example, Jared Brown (https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0113793/?ref_=ttfc_fc_cr88) is listed as a set dresser for 85 episodes of the series. I've checked the ending credits of many of those episodes quite thoroughly, and while other names are credited in the art department as lead dressers and set dressers, Jared Brown's name wasn't mentioned. I suppose my question is - can / should I delete his credit solely based on the fact that I couldn't find his name on the appropriate section of the ending credits? 

Of course, this is just an example. There are many other such credits I left in place.
If there's any information about that in a detailed guide, other than the standard Q&A section, a link would be apprciated. Otherwise (or in addition), any insights would be appreciated as well.

Thanks. :)
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Posted 2 years ago

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Hello Paikia
Basically, yes. If someone isn't listed in the on-screen credits then they shouldn't be listed on the IMDb. Unless you have some proof that they did work on the particular film or TV show, then, if they weren't listed in the on-screen credits you can still list them with the attribute (uncredited)

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Kk, that's pretty much what I thought. This rule makes adding credits very simple - if it's on the the list of credits of the movie or episode, it deserves being on IMDB. I still feel uneasy regarding deleting credits, though, as I find it odd that so many credits get added to IMDB without there being an on-screen credit (at least that I can see). 
I realize that in some cases, it happens because people are just not careful enough, and tend to assume, for example, that if an art director or a costume designer got credits for 5 episodes in a row, they "obviously" get the credit for the entire season (or all the seasons of that show).
Anyway, thanks for the reply. :)
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I still feel uneasy regarding deleting credits, though, as I find it odd that so many credits get added to IMDB without there being an on-screen credit (at least that I can see).
You should NOT delete such credits though.  If the credits exist already on IMDb and the person is not credited on screen, please amend the credit to include an (uncredited) attribute.  If you are an official representative of the production or the person concerned (or you have some other proof) and you know the credits are inaccurate, only then should you submit a delete request. 
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Very well. As I have no first-hand knowledge about what actually goes on inside the industry or any specific production, it makes sense I shouldn't submit delete requests without something concrete to base them on.
However, in some cases it is quite clear that a mistake has been made. For example, when a movie or a TV show episode has two directors credited on IMDB (none of them marked "uncredited"), while only one is credited on-screen. While that is not a concrete, absolute proof of the other director not deserving the credit, it does seem doubtful, especially considering how easy it is to add credits to IMDB. Should I refrain from submitting delete requests in such cases as well, or can common sense be a substitute for proof in such cases?
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Personally, I rarely try to ”delete” any credits if I’m not (more-or-less) 100% sure that they don’t belong to certain production. In another words, I would have know a bit more about the production than just looking at the end credits.

My take is that if they’re approved, I would need to provide proof why that credit should be deleted (”The name cannot be found from the actual credits” doesn’t always tell the whole story - it could be that the ”uncredited” attribute is missing for some reason etc).
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I generally agree, although I don’t share your confidence in the approval process of the added information. I have no actual knowledge about how the system really works, but my experience has led me to believe that most of the processing is done automatically, and while the system does catch many of the false or problematic entries, it’s far from fool-proof.
I’ve managed to make quite a few mistakes myself in the past, which could’ve made a real mess if I hadn’t bothered to go back and fix them when I realized what I did. I’m pretty sure not everyone bothers to do the same, and I know for a fact that while many IMDB contributors are knowledgeable and responsible, others are totally clueless.
Anyway, sorry for the rant. I do appreciate your insight. :)
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Hi, I am a production designer, and I worked on a series last summer that has yet to come out but is on IMDB now. One of my decorators left the show in disgrace prior to filming, but has claimed credit for all 8 episodes. I would like to correct this or at least flag this for review. She will not be getting the onscreen credit and did not decorate the show. But I can't find the right tools here to flag or remove. I tried editing, but it did not allow me to remove. Thanks.