Poll Sug: "Z" Stands For Zorro!

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Many great actors have played the legendary masked swordsman fighting for justice, Zorro, sometimes two in the same movie. Who was the best?

Discuss him here but we simply refuse to pay for any damages he may have caused by carving his "Z" into your woodwork, walls, and clothes.

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I would have put Guy Williams on the top. In my opinion, he's the ultimate Zorro and I'm sure he's the one most people identify Zorro with, sure, Banderas stole his thunder but we all grew up with the Disney version and his Zorro is certainly the most iconic version.
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I'm not too sure about that because each one brought something to the role. Sure Guys Williams is right up there because he brought excitement and daring do to the role but Langella brought smoldering sexual intensity to the role where his temper was barely kepted in check. Hopkins sent the role right strait into the stratosphere by bring in skill, intelligence, morality, and the right amount of attitude of fencing master teaching an impatient student. I can easily believe him as Zorro.
Oh btw, here is some trivia for you. Both Tyrone Powers and Basil Rathbone were experts in fencing and sword fighting. But nether one were accustomed to fencing against the other and were not sure how the other moves. So not to hurt the other actor but yet get the fight as realistic and furious as possible with out undercranking the camera, in as many seperate shots, the actors were fighting with there own fencing partners standing in for the other actor. When a shot called for both to be on screen at the same time, they slightly slowed the pace of the fighting and slightly undercranked the camera in those shots. Rathbone was the one who insisted on fending with his own fending partner to get the fight as realistic as possible.
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Considered and added.
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Antonio Banderas