Live Poll: A Look at Satchmo - Part II

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This is the second part of a poll-suggestion. It doesn't matter, as long as part I doesn't exist as a live poll.

Louis Armstrong unquestionable is the biggest icon of dixie jazz. Duke Ellingtonsaid about him: 'He was born poor, died rich, and never hurt anyone along the way.' He had a special distinctive voice that was unique. So I want to know what the audience may think when it actually would come to a biographical biopic, what directors, actors, writers, clothing designers, set decoraters, make-up artists and sound department would you engage to make the trumpet rise up.

Remember while searching for picks:Armstrong had a round face with big eyes, dark skin, his face wasn't bitter - he mostly had a sunny nature. The actor should be well known, the mask-builders could do the rest, if the face doesn't fit 100%. There maybe make-up to turn the skin-color deeper, cotton balls to make the mouth bigger. Too long faces can't be corrected! ;)

(This part)
When you were a casting agent, producer or director  what actor would you choose to give him the role of Louis Armstrong?

First look at the real Louis Armstrong:

The List:
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Forest Whittaker 
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Just because someone is mostly known as a comedian doesn't mean they can't have an amazing dramatic performance:
Adam Sandler - Punch Drunk Love
Steve Carrell - Dan in Real Life and Foxcatcher
Will Forte - Nebraska
Christopher Guest - A Few Good Men
Ben Stiller - Permanent Midnight
Chris Rock - New Jack City
Jim Carrey - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
There are just examples of actors who can do both, not suggestions for the poll.
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'Agreed. Drama is full of comedians: Bill Murray, Sarah Silverman, Steve Martin, Robin Williams, Jamie Foxx, Lily Tomlin, etc... 
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Hi Jen & rubyfruit76. :)These are all comedians who have shown a serious side, too. That doesn't automatically mean, that other comedians can do this, too. I have the fear, that it might come to a reefer comedy about Satchmo, like I wrote in the comment to dgranger above in the other reply. But maybe I'm wrong. So I put them on the list. ;) And it's just fictional. ;)
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Typos in #2: Forest Whitaker
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Ok, done.
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“What actor of them below” is better phrased as

“Which of the actors below”