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In your opinion, which of these performances from Best Picture winners, and that earned these distinguished actors the Oscar for Best Actor, is the best of the best?
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Antonio Salieri.
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one of the best performances ever....f. murray abraham in 'amadeus'...
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I had to pick one of these actors off of the list by process of elimination, because I just couldn't decide off the top of my head which of them and what Oscar-winning role they played I thought was the best one.  They were all my favorites.  So what I did was, I put them in chronological order according to their first names, and then I went "Eeney, meany, miney, Moe" on all of their names, until I got down to the very last name.  I realize that it isn't very scientific, but it's always worked for me.  Anyways, the winner was:  Kevin Spacey for his role as Lester Burnham in 1999's "American Beauty".
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Good poll, Elmo, and almost impossible to answer -- which, to me, is one of the reasons it's such a good poll. It'll be interesting to see the results. I'm thinking Hopkins will take it for Lector but the rest of the results will be interesting. I could vote for Brando for either, Hoffman for either, Spacey, Hackman, and will probably decide by "the fewest votes" method. What a list.
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Sir Thomas More (Paul Scofield)

Don Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando)

Although I would have liked to list Pacino for 'The Godfather: Part II' (He was robbed)

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