Live Poll: Best Alfred Hitchcock Movie

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Ah.... Alfred Hitchcock, the Master of Suspense. Who doesn't love his films?  I've NEVER saw Psycho all the way through from beginning to the end. I fall asleep. So, for me it's Rear Window. A simple premise, lots of intrigue, suspense but a bit dated.  Who doesn’t love Jimmy Stewart or the gorgeous Grace Kelly or the funny Thelma Ritter? Next is North by Northwest (which thrills and delights in equal measure), Vertigo, Rope (that played more like a play then a movie), then his first Hollywood feature Rebecca, then Shadow of a Doubt. NEVER saw The Birds, it just never appealed to me.

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North By Northwest
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The Birds.
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It is impossible to choose just one, as Hitchcock is my all-time most favorite director. 
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Good choices for what to leave out (AH directed more than 35 films). I just ran a query to see the omissions (but it includes any film to which AH is attached.)!ls090712750
I also like that your list is chronological, so the poll taker likely has to search for their choice.

I concur with Nikolay's hesitation, and his reason.

Are polls searchable? I wonder which of my other favorite directors have such a poll.
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IMDb does not have a means to directly search polls. However, one can use Google to search IMDb polls:

This is the general form: {search-term}

Where: {search-term} is any search term.

For example, this would be an IMDb poll search for Hitchcock: Hitchcock

I (with the help of other poll authors) also have categorized the polls. One of the categories is Directors.

For more information on poll categories, please see:
FAQ: List of Polls Alphabetical Within Category
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I picked Strangers on a Train - recommended to me in the 80's and the ending just wowed me for its time.  Tough choice, though, for I love Ingrid Bergman so it was between the former and Notorious.
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both excellent films...definitely at the top of my list as well...