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Posted 2 years ago

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Wonder Woman, Justice League (have yet to see), Batman, Dark Knight 2, Green Lantern.
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Batman 89, Batman Begins, Dark Knight, Wonder Woman, Man of Steel, Mask of the Phantasm, Lego Batman movie, Superman the movie

Looking forward to seeing Aquaman in December, (I've read some Aquaman comics before, really liked the character, despite for a long time, he was joke to some, really hope James Wan's solo Aquaman film can bring some much needed respect and prominence to his character, and show-case how awesome a Aquaman film can be and show how the character is capable of standing on his own. Also looking forward to seeing Shazam in next April, it looks like its going to be good, I hope. And Wonder Woman 2 is one I am very excited for, Gal Gadot is perfect as Wonder Woman, and just waiting to see what Patty Jenkins has in store, for the next film. First Wonder Woman solo from Jenkins is to date my favorite of the current DC Films to date. I think her pick for Cheetha, will work out, I don't know a lot about Kristen Wigg, but I think she can do the role seriously, just interested in what version of Cheetah it will be. There's been different vartions / interpretations of the Cheetah character in the comics.    

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No love for Steel
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or Catwoman or Jonah Hex??
(and yet you include Superman IV).
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I think #1 is set from beginning. 'Dark Knight' won't move from this place i a thousand years. ;)
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