Live Poll: Best Fighting Choreography in a Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie

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Which of these films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) do you think has the best fighting choreography?


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Posted 5 months ago

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Must be: Thor, Ragnarok - everything in that movie is great!
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When I think about fight choreography I usually think of something more realistic. I would say that Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) felt the most physical out of listed movies, not least because it really concentrated on physical aspects of the fight. 

Out of expanded MCU, though, nothing shines as much as "Daredevil" does. Particularly every fight scene in Season 3 really feels like what human being can actually achieve being in peak physical condition (something Matt Murdock spends a few first episodes of the season actually returning too, as maintaining the physique is as crucial as maintaining skills in that area), or in cases of Murdock, Fisk and Poindexter what three human being in peak of human condition will be like fighting. 
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Congrats DC
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