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Which performance by James Earl Jones is your favorite?


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Note: I could not find a picture of him from the Sandlot
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I uploaded an image from 'The Sandlot' that I found on another site. It's not up yet but hopefully it will be up in the next day or so and, if you'd like, you can add that character in a re-push. 

If it's approved, it will be able to be found in the photos on Sandlot's page. 
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Below I left a post with a link to the photo. : )
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4 of 10 Terence Mann
Like it because it's one of his less serious type roles. He's has fun and smiles.
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The character named "Few Clothes" in 'Matewan' (1987)

Rev. Stephen Kumalo in 'Cry, the Beloved Country'

If this poll goes live before you can add these, you can add them, if you'd like, in a re-push:

: )
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The photo of Jones as Mr. Mertle in 'The Sandlot' that I uploaded (I left a response to your post above) is now available:
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Admiral Greer
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I would like to see a late inclusion to the poll - his role of Ommadon from the animated film The Flight of Dragons (1982).
In my humble opinion, it is by far the best voice acting role that James Earl Jones has ever done. While a lot of his roles are iconic and powerful, they tend to restrict his acting abilities. In Star Wars, he is often holding it back, to keep Darth Vader menacing. In Lion King, he is often holding it back, to keep Mufasa regal and majestic. But in Flight of Dragons, he is given a free range, and boy, does he use it to its fullest. Sometimes, it sounds as if he's gonna leap from the screen.
Here's a small reference:
(misspelled as Obadon)
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Believe it or not, this is a real tough thread to respond to.  I mean, how can anyone describe in so many words what a great performer James Earl Jones is, and which was his best role among the ones shown on the IMDb list?  Of course, according to the results of the IMDpoll done for Jones, he ranks #1 as "The voice of Darth Vader", which sort of comes as a surprise to me, because I've heard him admit that when he was growing up he had a bit of a speech impediment and a stutter, and he would hardly talk, but when he took up acting, he took lessons to help him overcome the stuttering, which I never actually heard myself.  I always thought that he had a very beautiful and commanding-type voice, myself.

And of course, besides being the voice of Vader, I remember him performing very well in a few of the roles that are also shown on the list, like:

1.)Thulsa Doom, "CONAN THE BARBARIAN(1982)";
2.)Frank Cuozo, "BEST OF THE BEST(1989)";
3.)Admiral Greer, "THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER(1990)"; &
4.)Gabriel Bird, "GABRIEL'S FIRE(1990-1991)" & "PROS & CONS(1991-1992)"

And there are some other roles that Jones portrayed in his long career that's not listed that I could mention here:

1.)King Jaffe Joffa, "COMING TO AMERICA(1988)";
2.)Bernard Abbott, "SNEAKERS(1992)";
3.)Vernon Johns, "THE VERNON JOHNS STORY(1994)";
4.)Judge Isaacs, "SOMMERSBY(1993)";
5.)Rev. Stephan Kumalo, "CRY, THE BELOVED COUNTRY(1995)";
6.)Ray Murdock, "A Family Thing(1996)"; &
7.)Alex Haley, "ROOTS: THE NEXT GENERATION(1979)"

And these are just a small sample of a brilliant career of a man who, as I stated before, was afraid to even speak out-loud as a young man because his words would get mixed up when he'd get nervous, but that's something that we all have in our lifetime, and he apparently overcame it and made something of himself, as this has shown.  However, there's lots more to see about this outstanding person, and here's a way that you all can find out for yourselves.