Poll Suggestion: Best Nicole Kidman Movie

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Which movie starring Nicole Kidman is your favorite?

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Posted 6 months ago

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I rarely say this about any actor or actress, but Nicole as an average actress that is restricted in her range. If you had asked what was her best portrayal, it would have been difficult to answer. A pattern exists in almost all her movies as shown by the ratings. Average.

That being said, Dogville is the #2 choice.
#1 is Lion.
These two are good in spite of Ms Kidman.
And that's a shame. I really like her a lot.
I wish there was one role out there that would "fit" her persona.
I think that she needs a sophisticated adult comedy.
That would be my thoughts
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Amolak Dhaliwal

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Eyes wide shut(1999) and The Others(2001)
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Dogville followed by The others
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the others....
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Has anyone seen her new film, Bombshell (2019)?

I want to see but the IMDb ratings...
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Don't count only the IMDb ratings. Most of the people who rate 1 haven't even see the movies, they are trolls. Of course the rating is a big factor but not determinant.
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You forgot to include Bewitched (2005) in the list, so The Golden Compass (2007).
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