Poll Suggestion: Characters Who Can Turn Invisible

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Which of these characters who can turn invisible is your favorite?

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Sue Storm!

And kudos on using the Jessica Alba incarnation and not the awful Kate Mara one.
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I'd say that actors and even credited director could only be blamed partially for how that movie ended... And I've really seen movies that were more of a trainwreck then this one. 
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Predator makes himself invisible in quite a special way! - Love it!
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Films — Animated
  • In The Incredibles, Violet (who, as one of several homages to the Fantastic Four, is also a Barrier Warrior) can turn invisible at will except for her clothes. However, the Invisible Streaker trope is totally Averted: when Edna Mode makes costumes for the family, she makes one for Violet that turns invisible with her.
  • In Igor, you have Carl Cristall, the invisible TV show host who wears all other clothes except pants of any sort, since he realized there was no reason for an invisible man to wear such.
  • One of the funniest gags in Monsters vs. Aliens is the fate of the invisible man in the monster prison. "He had a heart attack... in that chair. He's still there." He does make an appearance (as much as someone who's invisible can be said to appear) in the DVD short "B.O.B's Big Break".
  • In Hotel Transylvania, one of Dracula's friends is an Invisible Man and is named Griffin, as in the novel, The Invisible Man. He wears glasses often, which convey his emotions as if they were actually eyes.
  • La Muerte and Xibalba from The Book of Life can make themselves unseen from the eyes of mortals.
Films — Live-Action
  • The Invisible Woman, a 1940 Universal movie starring John Barrymore and Virginia Bruce.
  • Invisible Invaders: The alien invaders, although they turn visible with high frequency sound waves
  • As a response to The Invisible Woman, Warner Bros. released The Body Disappears in 1941, with Jeffrey Lynn as the invisible man and Jane Wyman as the Mad Scientist's Beautiful Daughter, who also becomes invisible.
  • A Disney comedy from the 1960s, Mr. Superinvisible.
  • The Invisible Kid, a teen comedy with Jay Underwood and Chynna Phillips.
  • The 1992 Chevy Chase vehicle, Memoirs of an Invisible Man: Chase is visibly disgusted because he can see the food he ate in his stomach after eating it and he had trouble sleeping because he could see through his eyelids.
  • Two direct-to-video Invisible Mom movies starring Dee Wallace Stone.
  • The 2000 horror movie Hollow Man.
  • Parodied in the Mystery Men movie, where the Invisible Boy can become invisible only when no one is looking at him. Including himself. It was proved, however, that if those conditions were met, he could actually become invisible (allowing him to elude purely mechanical surveillance).
  • The Invisible Man, a 1933 film based on H. G. Wells' novel, staring Claude Rains.
  • In The Amazing Transparent Man, a criminal gains the power of invisibility in a science experiment, which has several dangerous side effects. He also has little control over his new ability.
  • Also, the movie Invisible Agent, which has dialogue so bad it was parodied by Cheech and Chong.
  • Completely and humorously averted in Amazon Women on the Moon, where the mad scientist drinks his invisibility potion, removes his clothes, and starts going around pulling "invisible" stunts such as messing with the dartboard in a bar, and completely ignorant of the fact he is perfectly opaque.
  • Abbott And Costello Meet The Invisible Man was different in that the invisible man was not a government agent, but a boxer wrongly accused. His girl was the daughter of a doctor experimenting with invisibility. He (the boxer) took the invisibility serum to give himself the chance to clear himself of the murder charge.
  • In Get Smart's Bruce and Lloyd: Out of CONTROL, the film centers on the efforts of Bruce and Lloyd, two CONTROL scientists, to retrieve a stolen invisibility cloak prototype. The cloak can be defeated by ordinary polarized sunglasses.
  • In A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master, Freddy turns himself invisible to beat Rick to death. When he fights back and causes Freddy to lose his glove, Freddy just levitates it and propels it at him, killing him anyway.
  • This is the entire premise of the 1972 Disney film Now You See Him, Now You Don't.
  • The eponymous alien from Paul can turn invisible, but only while holding his breath.
  • Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn: While Covenant active camouflage only makes its user translucent in the Halo games, here it's shown to make the user completely invisible to the naked eye; an Elite Zealot does this to hunt down cadets for fun.
  • The 2016 Russian film Super Bobrovy has an invisible woman who walks naked into a bank. After she strips, she's visible to the audience, unless her breasts or pubis would be shown.
Live-Action TV

Rather long ...
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Hollow Man
Kevin Bacon ... Sebastian Caine
Invisible Boy from Mystery Men
Kel Mitchell ... Invisible Boy
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