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Every of these movies contains some scenes, that provide clichés.
Just think of the examples below and/or maybe other movies with similar
contents, you have seen. Please try to keep your vote as objective as
you can. The texts may contain spoilers. Please only reveal the secret
if you really want to.

So what of the clichés in the movies below is the most overused stereotype about europeans?

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Posted 2 years ago

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The idea is good, it has potential, but I'm not sure I understood your understanding of the world cliché.

For instance, Hooligans deals with Hooliganism so obviously it will feature booze, sport and violence, the movie doesn't intend to maintain a cliché, but it intends to deal with it and understand its roots, its reasons to be... and by the way, it's not even a cinematic cliché. How many famous movies tackled that subject?
A cliché about UK or England is the bad food or the bad weather (fog when it doesn't rain, rain when it doesn't fog)

Same with Braveheart, it's set in a time where most Scotsmen wore kilts so it's not a cliché, it's just historical accuracy. It's like saying that a movie set in prehistorical times feature men wearing fur and making animal noises, that wouldn't be a cliché, a cliché would be if any of these men were pulling a woman by the hair.

Ratatouille's theme is cooking and gastronomy, well this one can work because it seems that many movies established France as a place where food is no joke (or no junk) but when I think of clichés involving France, it's always Paris, the sound of the accordion, people at a café and speaking with Charles Boyer's accent and fashion: any dress with the ugliest assemblage of motifs and colors will be described as the 'last sensation in Paris'.

My advice is: don't make your clichés too specific by taking a movie as a starting point, you have to figure out the cliché and then ask yourself "how many movies features that clichés" so that you can go to the common denominator, for instance, the death trap thing in Hostel. You can just think of Taken, 25th Hour or some James Bond movies and name the cliché of the 'sinister crime-related East-European with a creepy accent'.

Spain and Italy are good (just some rewriting to be done) but please not the Leprechaun one for Ireland :)
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Braveheart is actually a good example. It is set in the 13th century, when kilts hadn't even been invented yet :)
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Totally agree about Green Street Hoolingans - a better example of football hooliganism as a cliché could be found in EuroTrip (2004)

albstein's point about Braveheart (1995) is accurate, rather brilliant and only one of this movie's rather hilarious goofs. :)
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@sdk ElMaruecan:
Thank you for the wide explanation. For example: I thought about "Dracula" with Leslie Nielsen, because that Cliché is used in many movies from the early time of movie-making with Bela Lugosi and "dance of the Vampires" from Polanski to nowerdays "Dracula untold". It's a Cliché, that stucks - and movies did their part to the Cliché. Maybe the title or the explanation  of the Poll isn't exact enough.