Live Poll: Comic Book Superhero Movies: Types and Genres

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Which type, category, genre or sub-genre do you want to see more of in comic book/superhero movies and TV series?


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American-Indian Superheroes
Anti-Hero Solo Spin-off / Anti-Hero Team Spin-off
Asian Superheroes 
Black Superheroes
Bromance / Couple Team Up
Comedy / Dark Comedy 
Crime Drama
Cyborgs / Robots / AI Superheroes
Different Time Periods / Historical / Futuristic 
Epic / Apocalyptic / Disaster
Face-Off Spin-Off 
Female Superheroes
Gay / Lesbian 
Horror / Supernatural
Indian Superheroes
Latino Superheroes 
Martial Arts
Mind-Bending / Abstract
Music / Musicals / Dance
Parallel Universes / Alternate Timeline / Time Traveling
Post-Apocalyptic / Dystopian 
Realistic Adaptation
Sci-Fi-Fantasy / Mythology / Magic
Superhero Solo Spin-Off
Superhero Team Spin-Off
Teen Drama  
Villain Solo Spin-Off / Villain Team Spin-Off
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FANDAGO POLL: Study Says Moviegoers Want To See More R-Rated Superhero Films

Website Fandango ran a poll recently asking moviegoers what they would like to see in future films, 71% of those asked would like to see more R-Ratings in the Superhero genre. 86% of the people asked were ‘interested in seeing a more violent, adult X-Men movie this weekend’. Something which will certainly give studios a lot to think about with their future plans.
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Parallel Universes / Alternate Timeline / Time Traveling
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