Live Poll: Decade Defining Actors — The 2000s

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Which of these decade defining actors of the 2000s do you believe to be the most influential?



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Photo of Kyle Perez

Kyle Perez

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Posted 2 years ago

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Photo of Peter

Peter, Champion

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Clooney, maybe.
Photo of Kyle Perez

Kyle Perez

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Nice one, thanks for the vote Peter.
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brad toney

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Leonardo DiCaperio and marlon Brando
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Kyle Perez

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Thank you for the input, though I already had Brando in The 1950s poll.
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Kyle Perez

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rubyfruit76, Champion

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Since this one is so recent, even current depending on your definition of the decade, I find it harder to judge. Depending on how he was influential, I'd say Sean Penn or George Clooney. 


Will Smith
Ryan Gosling (depending on how you're defining decade and whether you're doing a 2010-2020 poll, I guess)
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Kyle Perez

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I had Will Smith in my 1990s poll for this series. As for Gosling, I think I was gonna use him in the 2000s-2010s poll which is yet to be made. Not sure if I'll make a 2010-2020 as that may be too recent and I believe in order to be considered Decade-Defining, we should allow for the passage of time to measure the influence.

Thanks for your thoughts as always :)
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Jessica, Champion

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Dan Dassow, Champion

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