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Erich Kästner was an author of remarkable versatility. During the Third Reich, his sharp satirical books and poems were banned and burned, but even the Nazis did not dare to touch Kästner's children's classics. Today, he remains one of the most popular authors in Germany.

A large number of his works were filmed, some of them in foreign countries. Which Erich Kästner story would you most like to (re)discover, be it by reading the book, seeing one of its adaptations, or both?


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I once read Three Men in the Snow, but a revisit would be in order.
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I still need to read it.
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It is stunning how an author of such scathing sarcasm could also write such sensitive and deeply caring books. Kästner's political works are fine but they might be a tad too naive to hold up to the highest standards. His children's books on the other hand will surely endure time. I don't think I've read anything else that was so insightful about what it's like being a child.

There's a quote that I can't find anywhere on the web but from memory, it goes like this:

Adults like to see children as those constantly happy beings that don't know the worries which come with growing up. But children do feel real sadness, and they know deep sorrow, even if it seems insignificant to an adult.

Many people take off their childhood as if it was an old hat. They eat their life like a sausage, bit by bit, and what is eaten does not exist anymore.
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I think that it must be The Adventures of Baron Munchhausen /please add the extra "h" in head line)
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I just saw the second "h" is there, now.
'Konferenz der Tiere' !
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The headline comes from IMDb, not me. Apparently, Munchausen with one h is really the standard way to write him in English:

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Does the answer “all of them” mean anything here? There should be an answer option for that.
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Aww, it's nice that you are so interested. But it's a good custom to force the voters to break their hearts and decide for one option, so I'll leave it at that :).
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'Good one! I'll probably vote for Emil and the Detective or maybe 'Liebe will gelernt sein.' I love the poster for the second. 
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