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Which of these memorable sports comedies is your favorite?


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Can you add an option for "None of them"?

I'm not a fan of any sports and "sports comedies" never strike me as interesting or amusing

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I can't say I 100% disagree with you, the funny thing is that I consider the Top 1 to be the worst, yeah, the classic and iconic "Caddyshack" left me as cold as a beer... I didn't laugh once, only chuckled at Rodney Dangerfield's dancing because it reminded me of a Simpsons episode. A League of their Own is a good one, but it's more a lighthearted drama than a comedy.
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So don't vote.
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Horse racing is still considered a sport.
- The Marx Brothers, A Day At The Races (1937)
- My Brother Talks To Horses (1947)
- “Little Miss Marker” or “Sorrowful Jones” (the same story with different titles and the story has been filmed at least three times or more.)

Also it seems people confuse films that are really light dramas that are really ether fond rememberances or tributes that have some humorous antedoties instead of going straight for the laughs. I would suggest removing both “A League Of Thier Own” and “The Sandlot” since they fall into that category and the laughs are secondary. They are as about a comedy as “National Velvet” is -- and that is not a comedy at all but a family style light drama.
Here are some that go straight for the laughs:
-“It Happens Every Spring” 1949
- Damn Yankees
- Little Big League
- Angels in the Outfield ... The 1951 original And the 1994 Disney remake
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I added all your suggestions, I see your point about the comedy/dramas but it'll be very tricky to determine which film has the bigger ratio of laughs to be called a comedy, A League of Their Own is a lighthearted drama but I'm not sure about The Sandlot and I have to rewatch Bull Durham... so I removed movies rated less than 6.0