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You know it's a good year for comedies when the Best Picture winner belongs to that genre and when so many cult classics fill the list. The following comedies (some are dramedies but let's not get too technical) all celebrate their 20th anniversary this year, proving that as far as laughing goes, there was something about 1998...

Which of these comedies released in 1998 is your favorite?
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Good idea for a poll (:

Just a note, you have 36 movies on your list.
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Yep, one was listed twice :)
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There Something About Mary and this Website!!!!! %&#*$&# AArgh!
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My vote:
You've Got Mail (1998)
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Would go for Patch Adams (1998). I remember, my teacher saw this movie to us back in college. I was hilarious.
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I don't know why IMDb has some of these marked as comedy...Happiness? Buffalo 66?
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My favorite of those movies is The Mask of Zorro but I personally don't consider it a comedy, so I would probably vote for The Parent Trap.
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I agree some are more of lighthearted dramas (I changed a few words in the text)... maybe I should rearrange the list but it's like there are many classic comedies left...
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I would walk 500 miles...
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Some of these films are among my favorites, but I would hardly consider them comedies. 
*"The Truman Show" is about Truman Burbank, a man who discovers that his entire life is part of a reality show, his hometown is a television set, and everyone he has ever met was an actor. In other words, that his entire life was a lie and that people take advantage of him for TV ratings. It is quite a dramatic film. 
*"Pleasantville" is about two teenagers from the 1990s who are somehow trapped in the black-and-white, sterile world of a 1950s television series.  They attempt to change this world, by introducing sexuality, love, real emotions, and creativity. In the process they introduce conflict, divorce, and racism,  and they also undergo changes of their own. 
*"The Mask of Zorro" is quite dramatic. In the 1820s, the original Zorro/Diego de la Vega lost his last battle, his wife was killed, and his daughter was stolen/adopted by his worst enemy. Diego spend tho decades in prison, before escaping. In the 1840s, Diego is convinced that the world still needs Zorro, but he is too old to  wear the cape again. So he takes in wanted outlaw Alejandro Murietta, and trains him in becoming a vigilante hero. 

While not a favorite for me,  Small Soldiers is not particularly funny either. Two factions of sentient action figures engage in warfare, and the battle threatens the lives of the human protagonists. The plot also involves a corporation which created the action figures as a marketing campaign for sentient toys, without realizing that they gave them a military mindset and actual weapons.